Your guide to raising your children in Christ, disciplining them in love, and navigating your role as both parent and teacher.

Christian Parenting

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Discipline with love. Teach children about discipleship. Lead by example.

These are just some of the reasons that parents choose to homeschool their children. Homeschooling is an incredible tool for Christian parents, allowing you to seize control of decisions related to the education of your children as part of your ultimate goal of raising their children to love God, love people, and to be well-prepared to take advantage of every opportunity God gives them in the days ahead

Praying for your Children

There is a battle raging, and our children are high value targets to the evil one. Just imagine, though, what an entire generation of children who truly love God with all their hearts, souls and minds can do in this world! My prayer is that this free Prayer Guide and series will be as much of a help to you and your family as it has been to me and mine.

Parenting Children

Being a parent is one of the greatest privileges we could ever have in this life. 

Parenting children in today’s society can seem like it’s an uphill climb at times– if we are parenting our children God’s way, we are most certainly going against the flow of culture in many cases.  We want to parent our children in such as way as to help them understand that others are more important than themselves, to make good decisions, to seek wisdom, and to dig into God’s Word and learn to think biblically.

If you choose to homeschool your child as part of your parenting efforts, there are many Christian-based homeschool curriculums that align with these core values that also provide high-quality video courses and lesson plans.

Parenting Teens

As parents of teenagers, we have an incredible opportunity to help them as they make the transition from child to adult. We get to become the ones they go to for counsel and advice. We get to help them learn to think biblically and to set up their lives accordingly. 

With home school for high school, parents not only have a hands-on approach with teaching science, math, and literature but also helping your teen build character and grow in their faith.

Discipling Your Children

Your home is ground zero in passing on your faith and modeling the Christian life. So, discipling your children starts in the home. Parents are the ultimate teachers in charge of guiding children into a life of faith and helping to shape the moral fabric of their lives.

If you choose to homeschool, we have found the using a Biblically-based homeschool curriculum reinforces discipling along with the traditional subject matter.

Parenting Articles

Be Present | 138

Today’s podcast is the third in a series this month about redeeming the season to build or strengthen relationships with your children and prepare yourselves

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Do the Unexpected | 136

This month, we’re taking a little time to talk about building relationships with our children. Last week, we talked about the opportunities that summer time

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Leaving a Legacy

Many of you know that for my kid’s sixteenth birthdays, I always journal through a Bible on their behalf. I pray specifically for insight into

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Over the summer, I came across a little known revival in the mid-19th Century that very few people know or talk about. It took place

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Parenting & Homeschooling

As parents that homeschool, our primary goal is to teach our children about discipleship and spiritual living.

When children are homeschooled, parents have more opportunities to teach them about living their lives according to God’s Word and God’s design.

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Taming Your CHILD’S Tongue

Speaker: Ginger Hubbard Are you ever embarrassed or shocked by what comes out of your child’s mouth? Based on her newest book, I Can’t Believe You Just Said That, Ginger provides a practical, three-step plan to reach beyond the behaviors of tongue-related struggles—such as lying, defying, and manipulating—to address your child’s heart. After all, as […]

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4 Steps to Raising Christian Leaders in Your Homeschool {Christian Leadership Series Part 1}

Speaker: Kerry Beck Do you want your kids to influence the world when they grow up? Most homeschoolers continue to offer their children the same type of education they received; they just do it at home. There’s a better way! Kerry reveals how she homeschooled her three kids to give them a love of learning, […]

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frustrated mom

I Don’t Have Enough Patience!

Many moms feel like they don’t have enough patience to home educate their children. What do you do when your worst fears are confirmed and you find out you don’t have enough patience to continue homeschooling? Come learn about what patience is, what it isn’t, where it comes from, and how to grow and thrive in the pressure cooker of mothering.

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From Boys to Men: The Goal is Not Well Behaved Children but Godly Adults

Speaker: Jeff Reep You will hear a Biblical perspective on parenting, firmly rooted in the belief that God gives instruction in Scripture and the Holy Spirit empowers parents by His grace to carry out the instructions. After raising 5 boys to men and investing 26 consecutive years of homeschooling, you’ll learn 2 keys for successful […]

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The Most Important Quality in a Dad

The Holy Spirit informs us that without love, knowledge is nothing and sacrificial service is a waste of time. It’s love that surpasses knowledge and makes our lives fruitful and fulfilling resulting in a fulness of joy for both yourself and your family. In this session, you’ll be encouraged to live to love, learn what hinders the flow of God’s love, and how to love with the love of Christ which leads to His fullness of joy and glory to God.

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Reaching the Heart of Your Child

Speaker: Ginger Hubbard Based on Ginger’s best-selling book, Don’t Make Me Count to Three! There is far more to parenting than getting children to “act” right. We have to get them to “think” right and to be motivated out of a love of virtue rather than a fear of punishment. Ginger equips parents to reach […]

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Pitchin’ a Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting

Speaker: Israel Wayne Everyone struggles with anger on some level, but when anger is a frequent occurrence with your children, over time, it will damage your relationships and hinder your effectiveness. Are you tired of being stressed-out, and ready to have a peaceful atmosphere in your home? Learn how in this important workshop. Listen Now

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Round Rock, TX Audio Collection

Raising Godly Kids

Speaker: Tricia Goyer Learn the “9 Principles of Influence” that will transform your parenting. Too often, we stress over the small stuff and miss the more important priorities of raising godly kids. Be inspired to parent well from YOUR strengths in YOUR daily life. Listen Now

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The Revelation Generation

Speaker: Chuck Black Twenty-six hundred years ago, three teenagers stood in defiance to a powerful king. In our world of entertainment-minded youth, are we doing enough to prepare them for the possibility of challenging days ahead? Chuck encourages parents and teens to”Know What You Believe”, “Know What’s Coming”, and “Know What You Will Do” so […]

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Preparing Your Children for Adulthood with Bible Memory

Speaker: Dakota Lynch An unintended side effect of the digital age is that even classic memory verses like John 3:16 are hardly common knowledge—even among homeschoolers. As your children launch into adulthood, they need more than Christian ideas and biblical principles; they need the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God (Eph. 6:17). This […]

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Teenagers Don’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Speaker: Todd Friel Americans assume that the teenage years will be turbulent. That is a lie. When a family applies God’s three rules for every family, the teenage years don’t have to be a nightmare. Listen Now

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3 Strategies to Encourage a Love of Learning {Christian Leadership Series Part 2}

Speaker: Kerry Beck Are your kids “less than” motivated to love learning? Do you want to inspire your kids to love learning for a lifetime? Kerry used 3 simple strategies in her homeschool to give her kids a love of learning. Come discover these simple techniques you can use everyday in your homeschool. We will […]

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Prayers That Changed History: Teaching Kids to Have Effective Prayer Lives

Speaker: Tricia Goyer Martin Luther. Sojourner Truth. Helen Keller. St. Patrick. We read their stories, and of other people like them, in history books and hear about the amazing things they did to change the world. But one part of the story is often left out: Each one of them wouldn’t have accomplished what they […]

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How to Find Answers for Our Parenting Challenges

One only has to LISTEN toξdiscover the heart of a child.ξOur goal as parents is to REACH theξheart,ξrather than simply realign behavior. Join Mark as he relates his experience as a shepherd and the important lesson that you don’t become a shepherd just because you own sheep.

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The Epic Battle Between Wisdom and Folly

Speaker: Mark Hamby Travel through Proverbs 1-9, and learn why the “fear of God” is a prerequisite to His love and how the “fear of the LORD” can turn careless children into cautious thought-full decision makers. Learning to love what God loves and hate what God hates is foundational for a child’s worldview to develop […]

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Beyond Because I Said So

Speaker: Kim Sorgious “The only way to be a successful parent is if my children obey me.” This is the prize, right? NO! God reveals that there is so much more to the prize! This wonderful session helps explain different children and how they obey and what the TRUE prize is in raising children. Listen […]

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Taming Your CHILD’S Tongue

Speaker: Ginger Hubbard Are you ever embarrassed or shocked by what comes out of your child’s mouth? Based on her newest book, I Can’t Believe You Just Said That, Ginger provides a practical, three-step plan to reach beyond the behaviors of tongue-related struggles—such as lying, defying, and manipulating—to address your child’s heart. After all, as […]

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Ive Considered Adoption but….

What are the roadblocks that we have that keep us from pursuing adoption? 25% of Americans have thought about adoption but only 2% have actually adopted a child. This wonderful session will give confidence to follow God’s leading in your heart towards adoption. Listen Now

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Lies Homeschoolers Believe

This We Believe

Your house is a disaster, your kids seem out of control, and you wonder how you’ll ever make it through another day of school. Your “get up and go” has “gotten up and went”. You used to think homeschooling was the best thing since sliced bread, but now you’re feeling like burnt toast. Take heart – you’re not alone! There are times when you need to be reminded once again why it’s best. Join me as we do just that. You’ll laugh and be encouraged in the toughest job you’ll ever…love.

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Boy Parent, Hero Parent

Speaker: Hal and Melanie Young The Bible says that children are a gift from God – but why is parenting a boy such a challenge? They live in constant motion, unending distraction, noise without limit and curious to boot. Yet there’s a purpose behind the uproar, and if we seek out God’s aim for our […]

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Family Discipleship starts here

Family discipleship sometimes strikes fear into our souls- how do we start? Can I do it well? What does it mean to disciple our family? Family discipleship means helping parents develop a stronger relationship with God that will in turn teach their children. Listen Now

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Kindling A Passion For Missions in a Child

Speaker: Dennis Gundersen Dennis has led over a dozen short- term missions trips into Mexico and other nations, showing how to minister cross-culturally and even communicate in significant ways with people whose language you do not and cannot speak. Should your children or your family go on such a trip? How can you prepare them? […]

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Raising World Changers = Raising Children Who Will Impact the World

Speaker: Steve Lambert As he approaches his 70th birthday, this father and grandfather of seven will share with you all that he’s learned in 40 years of ministry and teaching about how to impact your children for the Kingdom of God… and in turn how to help them impact the world around them. Bring a […]

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Understanding the Temperaments (And Their Blends)

Speaker: Catherine Zoller “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6) has often been misunderstood as assuring parents of prodigals that they will return to the Lord. However, the verse is more properly translated, “Train….according to their bent, or in […]

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Don’t Scare the Children! Learning the Fear of the Lord

Speaker: Dennis Gundersen “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, Proverbs tells us. And our children start at the beginning, so it’s clear: they must learn the fear of the Lord from us. But most Christian parents have little idea how to impart this perspective on life to their children. We want […]

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The Fight for Faith and Family in a New Age

Speaker: Heidi St. John When you became a parent, you enlisted in a spiritual army. You engaged in an epic battle between good and evil. Join Heidi for an hour that will change the way you see your role in it and equip you for the battles yet to come. Listen Now

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How to Parent without Provoking Children to Anger

Does your child have a comeback for everything you tell him to do or always try and get the last word, even if it’s mumbled under his breath? Does he become mad and lose control when you discipline him rather than repenting? Or does he seem indifferent, giving the impression that discipline doesn’t faze him in the least? Through biblical insights and powerful drama, learn how to avoid the snares of parent-provoked anger and raise emotionally healthy children. (Caution: Drama might frighten small children)

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8 Great Smarts: Discovering and Using Your Child’s Intelligences

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch All children have eight intelligences that can be awakened, strengthened, and used when learning anything. Each intelligence will be explained so you can determine which ones are strengths for your children and how to teach with them. You’ll also learn how children might be getting into trouble through their greatest strengths […]

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