The Importance of Heart Schooling | 184

We talk a lot about Heart Schooling—or discipleship-focused homeschooling. But, like all great terms and ideas, if it just tickles your ear and isn’t actually worked out in your mind, it won’t impact you practically and help you to order your life to make sure that it’s happening. So, this week, David and I are going to look specifically at what Heart Schooling really entails and give you some ideas to start putting some of these concepts into action right now.

Heart Schooling, or homeschooling for the heart of your children, is a lifestyle choice that goes well beyond a mere educational decision. It can strengthen your family, increase your confidence, and bring peace to your days because it aligns your priorities with your mission. We look forward to exploring that further during today’s conversation.

In this episode, you’ll discover

  • What Heart Schooling really is.
  • The one mission every Christian parent has been given.
  • How Heart Schooling combines your mission with the incredible tool of home education to strengthen your relationships and better equip your children.
  • What happens when you allow lesser things to be elevated to the same level as your Heart Schooling mission.

Additional Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

  • If you want to explore Heart Schooling a lot more deeply, I invite you to download the ebook Homeschool for the Heart, How Amazing Parents Become Excellent Home Educators and get started right away. We’ve even put some assessments and thought provoking questions in there to help you start to think like a Heart Schooler in some really practical areas. Go to to get your copy today.
  • Connecting and gathering with other Christian homeschooling families is incredibly important to help us stay focused on and excited about our mission. Join us at a Teach Them Diligently event this year! We have events coming up in Cedarville, OH; Round Rock, TX; and Pigeon Forge, TN in the next few months. Go to to learn more.

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