Your guide to helping raise your children in Christ as a homeschool parent.

Discipling Your Kids

Son looking up at his mother

How do we disciple our kids and lead them to walk the path of faith?

Teaching our kids to follow Jesus starts at an early age. We teach them right from wrong, we teach them limits and boundaries, we praise them when they do something good.

This children’s gospel song comes to mind: “This little light of mine. I’m going to let it shine.” This simple song has a huge message.

It is a song about shining the light of Jesus Christ so that others may see it and want to be a part of it, too.

Teaching Your Kids about the Bible

Daily devotionals, Sunday school, daily prayers, and reading Scripture are just some of the ways that we can teach our kids about the Bible.

Other ways to bring the Bible to life are through multimedia—music, videos, cartoons.

There are also homeschool curriculums centered around Christianity that are accessible via download, streaming, or with a monthly subscription.

Teaching Your Kids to Stand Up for Jesus

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  – Proverbs 22:6

We want our kids to be confident in their sense of self, in their knowledge of God’s word, and in their value and self-worth.

We best teach our children by modeling so if we want our kids to stand up for Jesus, we need to show them how.

As our children get older, the influence of peer groups is much greater. We need to teach our children to make good choices when it comes to friends as well.

Family Discipleship

Family discipleship, or teaching your family to love God, can be done through serving others, fellowship at church and in the community and also through homeschool education.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, or foster parent, home school provides a unique opportunity to teach children about how to follow Jesus and to love one another.

Discipleship Resources

The Power of a Pause

Like many of you, I’ve been rushing around this past week, but I haven’t been busy with Christmas and New Year’s celebration stuff. Instead, I’ve

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Homeschooling & Discipleship

Christian homeschooling creates a prime environment for learning about discipleship.

There are several top rated complete homeschool curriculums starting that go from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Find one that fits with your family’s learning style and budget.

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Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview

Speaker: Israel Wayne Are your children prepared to face the “Real World”? Learn how to equip your children to stand against the flood of secularism that threatens to drown them. What is your worldview? How are you going to transfer it to your children? Will you be more effective than the media and popular culture? […]

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Our Kids, God’s Plan, and a Plague of Locusts

Speaker: Marty Machowski Home school parents know the importance of academics in home school and look to give their children the best education to prepare them for life. But too often the Bible and learning about God get second place. No universities are looking to see how many years of Bible training a student received. […]

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Bible Study Should Ignite a Child’s Imagination

Speaker: Stuart Peck What can we as parents do to help our children see the stories of the Bible come alive and get excited about God’s word? Stuart Peck demonstrates a variety of ways that parents can incorporate engaging videos, podcasts, and unique workbooks about the Bible into their homeschooling, and encourages parents to recognize […]

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How to Help Kids and Teens Study the Bible and Grow in Faith

Speaker: Kim Sorgius Whether you have toddlers or teens, we all have a desire to see our kids walk with the Lord and grow in faith. In this session, we will explore fun and simple ways to teach your kids to have regular devotional study, a meaningful prayer life, and engaging family discussions. Listen Now

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10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect & Meltdowns

Speaker: Kirk Martin Nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing than a child being defiant or melting down in public. Have a little one who looks right through you and says, “No!”? Have a teenager who defies you or rolls his eyes? Have a child who refuses to go places? Kirk will show you how to […]

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The Art of Story Telling: Developing Discernment in an Age of Dystopian Disorder

Speaker: Dr. Mark Hamby The themes of love, compassion, courage, and friendship that dystopian heroes promise as the new rule of order sound good in a story but they do not work in the real world. Love without absolute truth leads to hypocrisy and eventually, oppression. Some may argue that dystopian stories demonstrate sacrificial love […]

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Passing on the Torch

Speaker: Mike Snavely The goal of Christianity is not only salvation, but growth and discipleship. It falls to the Christians of every generation to mature in the faith, and figure out the best way to faithfully and successfully pass that “torch” to the next generation. Each generation and culture must understand the importance and pertinence […]

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Finding and Keeping Your Joy in Parenting

Speaker: Scott LaPierre Have you noticed that even though the Bible says children are blessings they can make life harder and feel like a burden? Want to be encouraged about your children and enjoy parenting more? Come listen to author and father of nine, Scott LaPierre, as he helps brings more joy to your parenting […]

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A Biblical Model for Discipline

Speaker: Ginger Hubbard Do you find yourself threatening, repeating your instructions, or raising your voice in an attempt to get your children to obey? Do you feel guilty because you know you should be faithfully training and instructing your children in righteousness but you aren’t sure how? Through personal experience and practical application of Scripture, […]

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Discipline with Love so We Don’t Break Our Child’s Spirit

Speaker: Monica Irvine I know you have felt the pain of regret when you have had a moment of failure when discipling your children. I know many of you are fighting against habits you learned from your parents that you swore you would never do. I know you want to parent with love, honor & […]

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Walk by the Way, Teaching Spiritual Truths through Natural Means

Speaker: Ginny Yurich Bring Deuteronomy 6:7 to life! “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” Opportunities to teach Biblical truths are all around us. Learn ten practical […]

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Identity: Who Do Your Children Think They Are and Why Does It Matter?

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch How children see and define themselves matters greatly because identity controls behavior. How do they think of themselves? Overwhelmed, stressed, talented, passionate, creative, bored? Who they think they are is who they will be. Identity influences children’s relationships, academics, future, hopes, beliefs, and so much more. Learn how to parent so […]

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How do I Raise my Son to be a True Gentleman and Make Sure my Daughter Knows how to Find One?

Speaker: Monica Irvine Imagine what it will feel like, as you watch your son, even while he is young, be an example to those around him of what a true gentleman looks like, acts like and is. His focus is on others. He notices without effort when someone near him is in need, and then […]

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Scripture Memory Solutions for Busy Homeschool Moms

Speaker: Dakota Lynch You’re busy. In fact, you’re probably so busy that adding Scripture memory to your daily routine sounds impossible. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to make Scripture memorization an enjoyable and manageable part of your homeschool. Listen Now

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Discipline: Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time

Speaker: Kirk Martin Instead of being drawn into power struggles, yelling and giving meaningless consequences, Kirk will show you 10 ways to discipline with dignity so kids listen to, respect, and trust you. – Stop the whining, complaining and tantrums. – Get kids to listen when they are loud in the car or interrupt on […]

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Virtuous Education: How to Integrate Virtue and Character Formation into Any Program

Speaker: Dr. Thomas McCuddy Parents desire for their children to become good people, yet we spend the majority of time informing them rather than transforming them. In this talk, we will learn about the classic Christian virtues as well as how to bring virtues to the forefront of the education process so that we can […]

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Raising Godly Kids

Speaker: Tricia Goyer Learn the “9 Principles of Influence” that will transform your parenting. Too often, we stress over the small stuff and miss the more important priorities of raising godly kids. Be inspired to parent well from YOUR strengths in YOUR daily life. Listen Now

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Creating Servants at any Age

Speaker: Barry PettyJohn As our days zoom on by, and the world around us seems to be more chaotic, there is one constant that remains – Our children need us! No, not just for food, shelter, and clothing. They need us for the Milk and the Meat! Join me for this exciting walk through ways […]

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Raising Godly Boys: The Four-Step Proven Process for Growing Boys into Godly Men

Speaker: Mark Hancock Boys are in trouble. Hear Mark Hancock, Homeschool Dad, Mental Health Counselor, and CEO of Trail Life USA talk about proven processes for helping to pull boys out of the cultural mire that seems to want to declare them deficient. If you have a boy in your home or are leading boys, […]

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Reaching the Heart of Your Child

Speaker: Ginger Hubbard Based on Ginger’s best-selling book, Don’t Make Me Count to Three! There is far more to parenting than getting children to “act” right. We have to get them to “think” right and to be motivated out of a love of virtue rather than a fear of punishment. Ginger equips parents to reach […]

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Uncover Your Child’s Inner Genius: 5 Tips to Bring Out Their Best

Speaker: Antoinette Lagrossa Do you want your child to love learning and bring out their maximum potential? These five tips that will help you bring the best out of your child. Listen Now

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The Biblical Basis for Parental Rights

Speaker: Israel Wayne Who owns the children? Does the state have a compelling interest in your child’s education? What are your rights as a homeschooling parent? What does the Bible teach about parental rights vs. the control of the State? Develop a Biblical theology of parental rights. Listen Now

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Easy Ways to Integrate the Power of Story Songs

Speaker: Marlene Dickinson Jesus taught using stories/Parables. The Creator knows well the power of story and music to transform us. Learning truth through story songs creates meaningful memories for Students. We will explore tips for finding and integrating easy, memorable songs designed to lock in Biblical principles for a lifetime. Listen Now

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How to Foster Responsibility in Your Homeschool

Speaker: Kim Sorgius You can’t do everything, but that’s a good thing because responsibility is one of the most important skills kids can learn. In this session, we will explore practical ways to get your kids to take ownership and how to make sure nothing falls through the cracks in the process. Listen Now

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From Boys to Men: The Goal is Not Well Behaved Children but Godly Adults

Speaker: Jeff Reep This practical session will cover the importance of determining your priorities and then managing those You will hear a Biblical perspective on parenting, firmly rooted in the belief that God gives instruction in Scripture and the Holy Spirit empowers parents by His grace to carry out the instructions. After raising 5 boys […]

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Standing in the Land of Giants: Four Ways to Grow our Children as Leaders

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Myers We daily face giants of culture that cause our kids to lose hope instead of embracing God’s promises. How do we prepare kids to stand alone even when everything seems to be falling apart? With our guide Dr. Jeff Myers from Summit Ministries we’ll look at four areas where we and […]

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The Mystery of Home Education

Speaker: Linda Lacour Hobar Home education isn’t new! Parents have been teaching their children at home since ancient times. But, if you’re new to home education, or in need of a fresh vision for it, you’ll want to join Linda Lacour Hobar for The Mystery of Home Education. As a veteran homeschool mom, the author […]

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Wise Words for Kids

Speaker: Ginger Hubbard Yep, that’s right, it’s a fun, entertaining and character-building session for kids! Through captivating stories and charming illustrations, Ginger tickles funny bones and reaches hearts with wisdom from God’s Word about whining and lying. Kids of all ages will laugh their way into learning the benefits of being obedient, self-controlled and truthful […]

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This, We Believe

Speaker: Todd Wilson Dads and moms, in all the busyness of life and swell of expert advice, we’ve forgotten the fundamental truths of homeschooling and family. In short, we’ve forgotten why we do what we do. We have plenty of “how tos” but have forgotten the “why tos” and it evidences itself in our lack […]

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Raise Them Up, Don’t Crush Them Down

Speaker: Dr. Mark Hamby Children need to hear the beating of our hearts rather than the beating of our voices. Listen to their words and you will discover their heart. Rules can change behavior, but not their heart. Discipline is necessary for purposeful disobedience, but irritating character flaws are transformed by truth and loving correction. […]

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