Gauging Success in Homeschooling | 271

In this conversation, David and Leslie Nunnery discuss the seven marks of a Heart School family and how to gauge success in homeschooling. The chapters cover topics such as recognizing your call, aligning your thinking with your call, revising or refining your vision with your calling, focusing on the relationships that matter most, realizing your potential as a parent, restoring order to your home, and more. The conversation also explores the difference between the goals and visions of traditional schools and Heart School families, the importance of homeschooling and leveraging the parent-child relationship, and the significance of character development and personal growth. 


  • Recognize your call as a parent and align your thinking with your call. 
  • Refine your vision for your family and focus on the relationships that matter most. 
  • Realize your potential as a parent and prioritize character development. 
  • Restore order to your home and gauge success based on getting to know your children and personal growth. 

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