Tricia Goyer

Author Tricia Goyer is celebrated for her explorations of faith, family, and personal growth. Her extensive body of work includes well-researched historical fiction and insightful, faith-focused nonfiction. As a mother of ten and a grandmother, Tricia is also a respected homeschooler speaker, known for her presentations that blend academic excellence with spiritual growth.

Workshops from Tricia Goyer (may vary by event location)

Create a Dynamic Unit Study from any Novel

Looking for a great curriculum? Look no farther than your family bookshelf. Tricia Goyer will share how to create a dynamic unit study from any novel … in 30 minutes or less! Use fiction to create schoolwork that’s FUN and inspires a love of learning.

Language Arts, Reading / Phonics, Writing

Can We Write More, Please?!

Easy activities to get your kids and teens writing. Lots of ideas your kids will love!

Language Arts, Writing

Raising Godly Kids

Learn the “9 Principles of Influence” that will transform your parenting. Too often, we stress over the small stuff and miss the more important priorities of raising godly kids. Be inspired to parent well from YOUR strengths in YOUR daily life.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Encouragement, For Women, Mom Encouragement, Parenting, Prayer, Relationships

Homeschool Success: Save time, money, and have confidence and peace in your homeschool

Encouragement, Getting Started, Homeschool Organization, Mom Encouragement

Write That Book: Going from Idea to Published Book


Prayers That Changed History: Teaching Kids to Have Effective Prayer Lives

Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Discipleship, Prayer

Homeschool Basics: How to Get Started, Keep Motivated, and Bring Out the
Best in Your Kids

Encouragement, Getting Started, Growth, Homeschool Organization

Calming Angry and Anxious Kids

Brain Organization, Discipleship, Early Childhood, Health, Mom Encouragement, Parenting, Special Needs

Cultivating a Love for Learning and God

Could taking care of the soul could be the first step to a truly enriching education? Tricia Goyer will share real-life examples of how to teach with the Bible in one hand and a textbook in the other. This talk goes beyond standard teaching methods. Instead, Tricia will guide parents on how to instill children with a deep love for learning and for God. Tricia emphasizes developing both thinkers and believers, preparing them to navigate today’s complex world with a firm faith foundation.

Homeschooling Through Difficult Times

Tailored for families facing all types of challenges, this session delves into using faith and perseverance to turn homeschooling obstacles into opportunities for growth. This workshop is a lifeline for homeschoolers on challenging paths, affirming that steadfast faith and grace-filled strategies can create a beautiful tapestry of education and character development, empowering you and your children to rise stronger.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Homeschool Parents

Ideal for both newcomers and experienced homeschoolers. This session provides a roadmap to essential habits for a flourishing homeschool. Learn to develop organized, adaptable plans and foster a deep love for learning in your children. Discover techniques for flexibility in teaching, personal growth, and creating a supportive learning environment. Tricia will also cover managing discipline, understanding each child’s unique gifts and talents, and the importance of building a strong support network. Leave inspired with strategies for a balanced, enriching, and effective homeschool experience.

The Power of Doing

The Power of Doing is tailored for those eager to boost their health, unleash creativity, and set up successful family routines. This workshop focuses on cultivating a culture of ‘follow-through’ in every family aspect. You’ll learn strategies for building enduring success habits, improving time management, and effective goal setting for both personal and family accomplishments. More than just an informative session, this transformative journey includes hands-on activities and a customized action plan. Get inspired to lose weight, start writing, or achieve any healthy habit