Homeschool Reading & Language Arts Curriculums

Your guide to the best homeschool curriculums & resources for literature and language arts.

Top 5 Homeschool Language Arts Curriculums - Voted by YOU!

If you are like other home school moms and dads, you are looking to make an informed decision on the best Homeschool reading and language arts programs out there. We have a top 5 list based on feedback from several thousand homeschool families!

Allow your child to fall in love with reading and language arts with one of these enriching, entertaining, and Biblically based curriculums.

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Top 5 Elementary Reading & Language Curriculums

Reading & Phonics

Language & Literature

For elementary reading and language curriculums, we have these broken out into two categories: Reading and Phonics and Elementary Language Arts and/or Literature.

Top 5 Middle School Language & Literature Curriculums

Reading comprehension and literature becomes more complex as students get into middle school as well as correct grammar usage, sentence structure and organization.

These are the top-rated middle school literature and language programs available for home school families.

Top 5 High School Language & Literature Curriculums

As students approach high school, literature and language arts skills like critical and analytical thinking are introduced.

Finding the best homeschool literature and language program can really help your student master these skills and get him/her ready for college level courses. Knowing you have a solid plan will also help reduce stress and create a more peaceful learning environment.

Plus, since you won’t be lesson planning, it will leave more time for the fun stuff!

Sonlight offers a comprehensive language arts curriculum from preschool through high school.

Sonlight offers a flexible curriculum using the natural language learning method that students find to be an easy way to process and learn.

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Homeschool Language Arts Resources

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TTD365 Audio Resources - Language Arts (Members Only!)

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