Homeschool Reading & Language Arts Curriculums

Your guide to the best homeschool curriculums & resources for literature and language arts.

Top 5 Homeschool Language Arts Curriculums - Voted by YOU!

If you are like other home school moms and dads, you are looking to make an informed decision on the best Homeschool reading and language arts programs out there. We have a top 5 list based on feedback from several thousand homeschool families!

Allow your child to fall in love with reading and language arts with one of these enriching, entertaining, and Biblically based curriculums.

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Top 5 Elementary Reading & Language Curriculums

Reading & Phonics

Language & Literature

For elementary reading and language curriculums, we have these broken out into two categories: Reading and Phonics and Elementary Language Arts and/or Literature.

Top 5 Middle School Language & Literature Curriculums

Reading comprehension and literature becomes more complex as students get into middle school as well as correct grammar usage, sentence structure and organization.

These are the top-rated middle school literature and language programs available for home school families.

Top 5 High School Language & Literature Curriculums

As students approach high school, literature and language arts skills like critical and analytical thinking are introduced.

Finding the best homeschool literature and language program can really help your student master these skills and get him/her ready for college level courses. Knowing you have a solid plan will also help reduce stress and create a more peaceful learning environment.

Plus, since you won’t be lesson planning, it will leave more time for the fun stuff!

Sonlight offers a comprehensive language arts curriculum from preschool through high school.

Sonlight offers a flexible curriculum using the natural language learning method that students find to be an easy way to process and learn.

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Homeschool Language Arts Resources

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Why Am I So Tired?

Insufficient sleep.   Adults need 8 hours of sleep per night.  This isn’t just the hours that you are in bed, but the time that you are sleeping.  If you struggle with sleep, I have several recommendations to help you.    Avoid blue light from screens for 1-2 hours before sleep to promote better melatonin production.  Dim artificial […]

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Your Body Is Speaking

Your body is speaking. Are you listening? It is common to feel frustrated with your body when it doesn’t act the way you want it to. You want to feel energized and instead you feel fatigued. You want to sleep deeply and instead you wake in the middle of the night and can’t go back […]

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Productive Rest: You Need It!

Whew! You made it through the school year! Congratulations, Mom! How do you plan to spend your summer? Regardless of whether you are going to school right through, travel for much of it or spend your days at the pool, can I encourage you to be intentional about resting this summer? I’m not suggesting laziness. […]

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You Can Help Develop Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a commonly used term in homeschooling communities, but why is it so important? What makes it such a crucial skill to master, and how can you assist your child in developing it? Let’s explore the various resources and techniques that can aid in the cultivation of this vital ability. Speaker Sharon Fisher […]

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Why your child needs STEM education (and how to give it to them!)

Computer literacy, once considered a competitive advantage, is now a survival skill. STEM education helps develop valuable 21st century skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, and communication. Even those not interested in a career as a programmer or engineer will benefit from developing these skills. This session will show how STEM education helps students in […]

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Why the world still needs classical, Christian education

We will look at the current cultural identity crisis and identify a few ways that classical education strengthens faith, examining how timeless materials and habits can address timely issues. Speaker Jennifer Courtney Listen Now

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Why Teaching Boys to Read and Spell is Different Than Teaching Girls!

Lessons from the trenches! Learn the scientific reasons why your boys learn differently. We will dive into practical tips for teaching boys how to read and spell. Discover why many of the common strategies don’t actually work (and it’s not what you think!). We will also review “what to do” when teaching boys to read […]

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Why Choose a Christian College 

A successful transition from homeschool to college is such a vital and important decision. A homeschool education has built a foundation of faith, and when a young person learns to love the Word of God and develops a passion for serving others, they will have the perfect roadmap for a great future. Join Brian Tanedo […]

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What’s Going On With Your Middle Schooler and How to Prepare Them for High School

As our children begin to mature, they are experiencing drastic changes: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and even spiritually. It is a natural (and good!) process of transitioning to adulthood. As homeschoolers, we have the unique ability to encourage those changes to help them along the way. They will need more sleep; they will need more time […]

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Unhurried Homeschooling: Scheduling 101

Do your homeschool days feel like an endless exercise in treading water? Is there constant animosity between you and Monday morning? Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel, running at full speed, but getting nowhere fast? Perhaps you need to re-order your days so that your school schedule works for your home, and […]

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Understanding Your Artistic Child

Artistic children are often misunderstood by their parents. This causes stress to both the child and the parent. Often a parent doesn’t know how to relate to them. Instead of blooming their child, they are discouraging them. Because Sharon Hofer is an artist herself, she understands the ups and downs of her personality. More than […]

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Understanding the Phases of High School

Want to know what your teen should be focusing on to prepare for college and a career? In this session we will break high-school down into four crucial phases that build on each other, and give you the tools to determine what should be the priority for this next year, how to be career focused […]

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Tollers and Jack: The Extraordinary Friendship of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Come and hear homeschool graduate and author of the seven books in the “History Bites” series Solomon Schmidt! He will teach about the amazing life and works of one of the world’s most beloved writers, J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series. You will be inspired as Solomon shares […]

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This, We Believe

Dads and moms, in all the busyness of life and swell of expert advice, we’ve forgotten the fundamental truths of homeschooling and family. In short, we’ve forgotten why we do what we do. We have plenty of “how tos” but have forgotten the “why tos” and it evidences itself in our lack of joy of […]

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The Underground History of Education, Part 2: The Bad. Synopsis

In The Underground History of Education, Part 2, Robyn answers the question, “What went wrong?”, telling the tale of the destruction of the highest literacy level in human history. Speaker Robyn van Eck Listen Now

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The Underground History of Education, Part 1: The Good.

Do we really have the pagan Greeks and Romans to thank for education?  What was education like before modern education?  What is the true story of education? Speaker Robyn van Eck Listen Now

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The Titus 2 Woman – Is She Relevant for Today?

In the book of Titus, Paul instructs Titus about what to teach the older men of the church. He tells us that the older men are to then teach the younger men and the older women of the church. Based on what they learned from the older men, the older women are then commanded to […]

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The Stricken Earth

The earth is wearing out just like the Bible said it would. The earth is undergoing changes that can beseen everywhere. Why do volcanoes erupt? Why are there earthquakes? Why do rocks fall from the sky? What arecomets? Why are there unique weather patterns? Is the earth warming? If so, why? Why are all continents […]

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The Power of Doing

The Power of Doing is tailored for those eager to boost their health, unleash creativity, and set up successful family routines. This workshop focuses on cultivating a culture of ‘follow-through’ in every family aspect. You’ll learn strategies for building enduring success habits, improving time management, and effective goal setting for both personal and family accomplishments. […]

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The Pied Piper: How media is leading our children astray and what you can do about it

This session will look at the impact that film, literature, and music can have on our children. With 30 years of experience in the field, Heather has an insider’s view into the hidden goals of the industry and how they package information in a way that can change our perspectives little by little. She calls […]

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The Once-a-Year Plan: Taking the Overwhelm Out of Homeschool Planning

So you’ve got a box full of unused planners and half-erased lesson plan books. Trust me, you’re not alone! From curriculum to the daily schedule, there is a simple way to plan your whole school year in just ONE week. Reclaim your Sunday nights and your sanity by joining veteran homeschool mom, Kim Sorgius, for […]

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The Middle East for Teens and ‘Tweens

How do you explain war in the Middle East to teens and tweens? What resources do you have for making sense of the headlines? How do you point students toward a biblical worldview of current events? Opinions will vary on the status of the Middle East and the proper response to it. But you can […]

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The Horror of the Flood

Could you explain where the water for a world-wide flood would have come from, & where it all went afterward? Many Christians can’t. Understanding the flood (the purpose, causes, aftermath and evidence) is very important to an understanding of a biblically sound creation model. This session covers the basics of this event, and also includes […]

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The Heart of Family Discipleship

Kids are greatly impacted by meaningful conversations with those who care about them the most. And a biblical worldview answers life’s most important questions in a way that is intellectually credible, emotionally invigorating, and relationally fruitful. This talk provides parents with strategies to encourage an atmosphere of discipleship in their homes and to impart a […]

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The Five Miscalculations in Math

Are your children bored to tears with worksheets and flashcards? Do they run and hide when it’s time for math lessons? When they see a word problem, do they give you the “deer in the headlights” look? Come and recalculate your math experience! Learn the five most common mistakes when teaching math and bring back […]

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The Curse of the Standard Bearers

Norm explains the vast difference between living by standards and living in relationship with the Holy Spirit. Children easily discern if parents are more concerned about their reputation and outward appearance than they are about expressing the love of Christ and honoring God’s work in the hearts of others. You’ll learn how the curse of […]

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