The Simplicity Of Our Mission | 267

In this conversation, Leslie Nunnery and David Nunnery discuss the importance of recognizing the call to bring children to Jesus and the rare focus on this mission within families. They highlight the great divide in discipleship between the church’s and parents’ views, as well as the alarming statistics of children leaving the faith. The conversation also addresses the myths and complications hindering parents from effectively discipling their children. They emphasize the need to guard time, simplify devotions, grow in Christ, and leverage lessons for the good of their children. The conversation concludes with practical steps to start the discipleship journey. 


  • Recognize the call to bring children to Jesus and make it the primary mission in your family.  
  • Be aware of the great divide in discipleship between the church’s view and the parents’ view.  
  • Guard your time and simplify devotions to create intentional moments for discipleship.  
  • Focus on personal growth in Christ and leverage the lessons learned for the benefit of your children.  

The Discussion Covers:

  • How to Recognize the Call  
  • The Rare Focus on Mission  
  • The Great Divide in Discipleship  
  • The Terrifying Statistics  
  • Reducing the Number of Children Leaving the Faith  
  • Myths and Complications of Discipling Children  
  • Guarding Time and Simplifying Devotions  
  • Growing in Christ and Leveraging Lessons   
  • Discipleship as a Way of Life  
  • Starting with Simple Steps 

Additional Resources:

The Teach Them Diligently podcast is focused on the fundamental call of parents to bring their children to Jesus. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing this call and the challenges parents face in prioritizing discipleship in today’s busy world. The podcast discusses the vital role of parents as the primary disciple-makers and addresses the impact of over-scheduling and over-complicating the process of discipleship. The conversation provides insights into intentional and focused parenting, aiming to inspire and encourage families in their journey of faith. The podcast also delves into the significance of recognizing one’s call and the need to simplify the mission of discipling children. It highlights the rarity of this focus among parents and the impact of such recognition on the spiritual well-being of children. The episode offers practical advice on overcoming common complications, such as over-scheduling and overcomplicating, to effectively disciple children and nurture their faith. Subscribe to the podcast, so you don’t miss a single episode.

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