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Your guide to being a loving and caring husband and homeschool father!

Homeschool Dads & Marriage

Married couple reading the Bible together

When parents choose to homeschool their children, one parent typically stays home to teach while the other parent works. Being a homeschool parent can be all-consuming if you allow it to be.

It is important for a healthy marriage and family to create time for school, time for family, and time for your marriage.

As long as your have a healthy balance, homeschooling can reduce stress and lead to a more harmonious home life.

Homeschool Dads & Discipleship

What could be a better way to teach your child how to follow God than to lead by example?

As a homeschool dad, you not only have the fortune of ensuring your child has the best education, you are also able to be the spiritual leader day in and day out.

There are many top rated Biblically-based homeschool curriculums that allow homeschool dads to teach and model discipleship along with reading, writing, science, and math.

Homeschool Dad Appreciation

A firm foundation starts in the home and in the word of God. Homeschooling can be a collaboration between moms and dads.

Sometimes the mom works and the dad is in charge of the homeschool educational plan.

Show your homeschool dad that you appreciate him with a handwritten note card, mowing the yard without being asked, or by getting up a little early to fix him a cup of coffee.

Supporting Homeschool Moms

Dads play an active role in supporting homeschool moms.

Whether dad is working all day to provide the family income or dad is coming in one afternoon a week to teach a lesson to his homeschool kids, having both parents on board is vital to having a successful home school environment.

Resources for Homeschool Dads

Balancing Work and Homeschooling

From the outside looking in, balancing work and homeschooling may sound like a challenge.

The truth is, if you find a really good homeschool curriculum with preplanned lessons and video courses, you can actually condense the amount of time that is spent on homeschooling while still getting a quality education.

By saving time with a preplanned program, it will enough time for work, play, and living life to the fullest.

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Men’s Breakfast

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Dads Who Homeschool

Speaker: Darren Jones Historically, the bulk of homeschooling has been done by mothers. But more fathers are taking over, often due to financial pressure or

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Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad!

You may not crack open a book, work through a curriculum, or call it school, but it’s your job to train your children. Join me as we look at the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of training our children. Now don’t worry, I won’t make you feel guilty or give you a forty-six point outline, but I promise to tell it straight and to encourage you in the best job there is – fathering.

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The Most Important Quality in a Dad

The Holy Spirit informs us that without love, knowledge is nothing and sacrificial service is a waste of time. It’s love that surpasses knowledge and makes our lives fruitful and fulfilling resulting in a fulness of joy for both yourself and your family. In this session, you’ll be encouraged to live to love, learn what hinders the flow of God’s love, and how to love with the love of Christ which leads to His fullness of joy and glory to God.

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God’s Blueprint for the Family: Father-Led Home-Based Discipleship

God has given direction to dads from the beginning of His relationship with the nation of Israel. The key is knowing God and loving Him with all your heart. How does a man do this? How can men be expressions of God’s heart to their families? Come, be encouraged and inspired to see the impact you can have on your family as you follow God’s blueprint.

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Fathers Impart Identity

Norm shares four identity principles that explain how our lives are shaped and defined. A dad that understands these principles is equipped to anchor their children to withstand the onslaught of the world. These four identity principles will explain your own life and what defines you and give you insight into how to lead your children to discover their own identity in Christ.

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Faithful and Flawed Fathers: Abraham and You, Dad

There are no perfect Biblical fathers. All had flaws, but some were still regarded as faithful. Abraham is called the father of all who
believe, even though he’s far from a model of perfection. Just like Abraham, you can be a faithful father to your children, despite the flaws. A man needs to know his calling from God, be willing to sacrifice for it, and have patient faith through trials.

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The Calling Out of Sons

You’ll learn what happens if fathers don’t call out sons and gain insights from the life of Jesus in how to prepare your sons for manhood. Men who haven’t been called out, will still be boys even though they may be 40 years old. There is tremendous hope when we realize how God calls out His sons to be with Him.

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H.E.A.R.T. Exam for Homeschooling Dads

Whether you have 2 children or 1, you will leave this session feeling encouraged that you can homeschool your large family. Topics include: organizational tips scheduling/flexibility getting away from the school-at-home mentality multi-level learning keeping little ones happy and engaged having reasonable expectations

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Men’s Breakfast

Men are the leaders of the homeschool movement in many ways. Calling men to lead their wives, families, and homeschool, Voddie Baucham shares 4 important

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Pioneer Fathering

Calling out God’s true calling over Fathers to be leaders, protectors, and to reflect God’s image. Father’s have a God given command to be fruitful

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For Men Only

How to take the gospel and apply it to your home life and family. Our faith is not just a set of rules and knowledge,

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2ML: Second Mile Leadership For Men

If we want our children to love learning, then we must assess their work in such a way that accords with their nature as well as the nature of the work the child is completing. If either is ignored, then our assessment will neither encourage them nor help them to improve.

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A Fathers Love

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