College Preparation

Your guide to helping your son or daughter transition from homeschooling to college.

Choosing a College: Where to Begin

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Choosing a college for any high school student can seem overwhelming.

Homeschool students that have received a non-traditional education may feel a bit apprehensive going from a home-based learning environment to a large university.

Some homeschool students take a few courses at a local community college as a first step into the college experience.

On the other hand, many home school students start college prep in middle school and adapt extremely well to the college life especially if they do more independent-type study homeschooling for their high school curriculum.

College Application Tips

Applying to college as a homeschool student is a unique situation and can be time consuming so it is a good idea to start early.

Here are some college application tips for home school students:

1. Start the application process early

2. Meet with a licensed Christian homeschool counselor

3. Take a prep course for the SAT/ACT because these scores are especially important for homeschool applicants

4. Contact your state homeschool agencies for community contacts and resources for college bound homeschool students


Paying for College

Homeschool students have the beauty of creating their own schedules which allows time to work and travel.

When it comes to paying for college, there are many creative options.

Dual enrollment is an option while the student is still in high school and living at home.

Another option is to work and go to school. Many organizations offer scholarships and grants for homeschool students.

Building Good Study Habits

One of the bonuses of being homeschooled is the ability to learn at your own pace.

Research shows that homeschool students often have better study habits because they are in control of their learning environment.

As they approach high school, many of the courses are independent study which also helps create good study habits.

College Preparation Resources

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Transitioning from Homeschool to College

Often times homeschool students are more prepared academically than their traditional high school student counterparts.

Getting involved in community activities during middle school and high school can help with the social aspect of learning to get along with many different types of people.

Taking classes at a community college can help bridge the gap from homeschool to college.

Another option is to take one campus class and one online class as a hybrid approach.

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