Homeschooling and Cultural Literacy: Understanding Diversity | 209

Today, Leslie is joined by Amber O’Neal Johnston, author of A Place to Belong: Celebrating Diversity and Kinship in the Home and Beyond. Amber has such a heart for creating a homeschool environment that opens the door for conversations and experiences of cultural literacy and understanding diversity among each other. You do not want to miss a moment as Amber seeks to equip families to provide their children an education based on diverse voices.

Meet the Guest:

Amber O’Neal Johnston is an author, speaker, and worldschooling mama who blends lifegiving books and a culturally rich environment for her four children and others seeking to do the same. She recommends we offer children opportunities to see themselves and others reflected in their lessons, especially throughout their books, and she’s known for sharing literary “mirrors and windows” on and @heritagemomblog. Amber is also the author of A Place to Belong, a guide for families of all backgrounds to raise kids to celebrate their heritage, community, and the world.

In This Episode:

  • Find out more about Heritage Mom Amber O’Neal Johnston HERE
  • Order your copy of A Place to Belong: Celebrating Diversity and Kinship in the Home and Beyond HERE
  • Follow Amber and her children in their homeschool and worldschool journey on Instagram

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