Homeschool Science Curriculums

Your guide to the best homeschool science curriculums and learning ideas.

Top 5 Homeschool Science Curriculums - Voted by YOU!

If you are looking for an established and respected resource for a Homeschool Science curriculum, we can help save you hours of time of sifting through the ins and outs of each science curriculum with our homeschool  curriculum guide.

The top 5 Science programs for elementary, middle, and high school are based on feedback from homeschool families, moms and dads just like you!

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Top 5 Elementary Science Curriculums

The #1 elementary school homeschool science program is Apologia Science. This program focuses on creation-based science, has a flexible schedule, features a 2-5-minute video per day, and was developed by homeschoolers.

In second place is God’s Design Science Program with Abeka Science in third place. Our fourth-place winner is Science Shepherd followed by Berean Builders Science.

Top 5 Middle School Science Curriculums

Teaching science to middle school age children is a time for transition and for growth.

It is a great time for students to take on responsibility and to become more independent in their studies.

These top 5 home school science curriculums have specific programs geared towards home school middle schoolers and were voted on and ranked by thousands of homeschool moms and dads like you and me.

Top 5 High School Science Curriculums

A flexible schedule and adaptable curriculum are two of the benefits of a home-schooled high school science student.

Our top 5 guide to Homeschool Science Curriculums is based on input and feedback from thousands of home school students and parents that are walking the same path as you.

We have the high school science broken down into two categories: biology and chemistry.



The creators of the Apologia Science programs know from experience the importance of having a successful homeschool science program.

The programs are written from a Biblical perspective in a conversational style that makes it easy for students to follow along and learn independently.

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Homeschool Science Resources

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Practical Apologetics

Speaker: Chuck Black The deception of the Enemy in our modern world seems overwhelming at times, especially for our young people. Is there scientific evidence

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Speaker: Marc Jantomaso “Creationeering™ is seeing the Creator through the disciplines and integration of Science, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship. Liberty University School of Engineering Professor, Marc

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What’s the Matter? The Answer to High School Chemistry

At this workshop we will address the issues and concerns that parents have regarding homeschool high school chemistry. Questions like: “Will the chemistry course I decide on prepare my child for the rigor and structure of college chemistry? What should we do about lab experiments, chemicals and lab equipment? It’s been 25 years since I took chemistry, does anybody know a teacher that would be willing to help in teaching my child, even for one or two times a week? If I buy a chemistry teacher’s edition and a workbook with answers, will that be good enough?” This session will answer questions like these and many more!

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Using Arts to Enhance STEM

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How to Successfully Teach Science to Your Teen

Biology. Chemistry. Physics. Teaching secondary science can be daunting. How can I make science interesting? How can I find sources for lab equipment and ideas for labs? How can I safely do labs at home? How can I teach so as to promote understanding and not just memorization? How do I integrate a Biblical worldview into science? Bill Harmon shows you practical ways to be successful no matter what the subject.

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STEM Education for Homeschoolers

In today’s technology culture, the enemy’s lure of our young people’s minds to escape into an artificial world is great. Find practical tools you can implement to help keep your children from getting caught in the snare of escapism.

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How many labs?!!!

Should I do all the labs or just some of them? How do I choose which of the labs to do? What is the best method to use when doing labs? How can I get all the supplies together for labs? Join Bill Harmon for some practical advice and a LIVE demonstration!

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The Striken Earth

Part of the Flood Series. The facts of the global flood and gives you background specifically volcanic and earthquake activity. Listen Now Favorite To access

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Scientific Evidence for the Inspiration of the Bible

Everything we believe as Christians rests on the assumption that the Bible is actually the inspired, error-free Word of God… but how do we know that? It’s not politically correct to believe the Bible alone is the inspired Word of God and most Christians cannot defend this belief. Are we to exercise blind faith, or is there a great body of evidence supporting this crucial point? This topic presents incredible scientific evidence showing beyond doubt that the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God!

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The Hunters and The Hunted

From transcripts and portfolios to the application process and everything in between, the earlier you have this information, the easier it will be sail through the hoops that’ll get your child into their college of choice.

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Grand Canyon, The Puzzle on the Plateau

Do your sweet little cherubs become demons when you turn your back? Perhaps your kids are monsters when your back isn’t even turned. Join Todd Friel to discuss: how I can make those little terrors behave better and how I can respond better when they don’t.

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