The Joy of Parenting Teens | 182

 Today we are joined today by Amber Johnston. Amber and Leslie Nunnery are going to be discussing the absolute joys of parenting teens, and we think you’ll be encouraged as they look at our expectations and realities, how to engage with your teen with a depth of understanding, how to grow up with your teen and so much more. This is a great episode no matter how old your children are currently. 

Meet The Guest:

Amber O’Neal Johnston is an author, speaker, and worldschooling mama who blends life-giving books and a culturally rich environment for her four children and others seeking to do the same. She recommends we offer children opportunities to see themselves and others reflected in their lessons, especially throughout their books, and she’s known for sharing literary “mirrors and windows” on HeritageMom.com and @heritagemomblog (IG). Amber is also the author of A Place to Belong, a guide for families of all backgrounds to celebrate cultural heritage, diversity, and kinship while embracing inclusivity in the home and beyond.

Podcast Sponsor:

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