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Steve Noble is joining Leslie on the podcast today. Steve is the Host of The Steve Noble Show, a nationally syndicated daily Christian talk radio show, and he also launched NOBLE U in 2022 to add online classes after having taught over 600 HS students locally since 2011.  

Steve joined us at our event in Pigeon Forge this year, and the response to his workshop was overwhelming. We had people stopping me in the halls to tell us about it, so we are very excited to discuss how we can disciple our teens as we teach important subjects like history, civics, ethics, etc.

Meet The Guest:

Steve’s walk with the Lord had started late and with a whimper, but God tossed several amazing opportunities in his path and gave him the faith to give them a shot…and that’s when Steve left his life as a “pew potato” and enlisted as a “Christian Wacko”. Since then, God has taken Steve on a grand adventure including mission trips to Africa, Thailand, and Iraq. He taught an adult Sunday school for nearly five years and has led many Truth Project groups, as well. Called2Action has been at the center of it all since 2004 followed by the radio show, which started in November of 2007. God sold Steve’s business in May of 2011 which really put his faith to the test…but never His provision. 

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • How do I incorporate discipleship and worldview into class? 
  • How do you cultivate a Gospel Mindset with students? 
  • How to fight back against cultural indoctrination?

Additional Resources:

Find out more about Steven Noble

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