Pre-Teens, Teens, and Medical Consent | 191

Today’s podcast will be really helpful, and it’s one that every homeschooling family needs to listen to. Although we hate even to entertain the thought, we need to be ready to know how to react if the state ever approaches us, and our guest today is incredibly well-equipped to help us know how to respond in difficult situations. 

Bradley Pierce is the co-founding attorney of Heritage Defense. Since being licensed in 2008, Bradley has defended the parental rights of Christian homeschooling families around the country against threats by social services. Today, he’s going to be giving us some really practical advice that I know will be a great help to us all as we look specifically at pre-teens, teens, and medical consent, so stay tuned!

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Topics In This Episode:

  • What to do in a legal situation regarding your children.
  • What are parent’s rights regarding medical treatment and decisions for our pre-teens and teens. 
  • What are doctors asking our children behind closed doors.
  • How to prepare in advance for doctor’s visits.


About Today’s Guest:

Bradley Pierce is a co-founding attorney of Heritage Defense, where he helps defend the parental rights of Christian homeschooling families around the country. After being homeschooled in the late 80′s through graduation, Bradley earned a degree in History and English from Baylor University, then earned a Juris Doctor degree from Baylor Law School. He and his wife Cindy have ten children.

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