How does business and entrepreneurship fit with the Christian family? Well, we at Teach Them Diligently believe God has given Christians business as a tool to promote Him and His gospel. We hope these posts will help you better succeed at growing your business for God’s glory.

What Is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is simply put creating a business. Paul used making tents in the market to spread the gospel. Business just like anything else in life is a tool God has given us to serve Him with. These articles should help you not only succeed at business but also see how to keep your business Christ centered. 

Teaching Entrepreneurial Skills

Have you ever had a lemonade stand?

If you answered yes, you know a little bit about having an entrepreneurial spirit.

Teach kids entrepreneurial skills by having them come up with their own product, service, or invention. You can give them some parameters to guide them or give them free reign to come up with any type of product or service.

One idea is to have the student use his or her first name and come up with a hypothetical product to sell that starts with the same letter as their name.

Homeschooling & Entrepreneurship

Homeschool students have a great atmosphere for building entrepreneurial skills.

Because they are not constrained by a fixed schedule, homeschool students have the flexibility to study and also work.

Having a lawn mowing service, babysitting, or baking are three popular jobs for homeschool entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship for High Schoolers

Critical thinking and problem solving are essential to developing entrepreneurship for high school students.

Break kids up into small groups for brainstorming sessions to get the creativity flowing. What does profit mean?

Teach kids about managing money as this is one of the first steps in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Resources

Encouraging Creativity in Your Children

Encourage kids to come up with their own ideas and give them the freedom to do so.

What does this look like? Allow your children to pretend play, make things, make messes, and mistakes without hovering. 

Giving your child unstructured time allows them to come up with their own ideas and gets those creative juices flowing.

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Diving Into the Publishing World Without Drowning

Author Carol Kinsey will explore the journeys to publication she and The Writing Family have gone through as they’ve moved into the publishing world. This workshop will explore practical ways for you or your child to edit, get published, land an agent, find a publisher, pursue independent publishing, and advertise yourself.

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Work At Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

Discover a step-by-step guide to what medical transcription is; medical transcription versus medical billing & coding; learning medical transcription simply and cost-effectively, and avoiding expensive and common mistakes. You will learn about marketing your business easily, operating capital and grants; and everything you wanted to know about pricing, collections, equipment, computers & software, transcription equipment, electronic files, business taxes, professional organizations, networking, employees vs. subcontractors, growing your business throughout the U.S., how to get hands-on work experience, work for services and much more.

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Turn Your Homeschool Blog into a Money-Making Machine

Homeschool bloggers around the world are using their online platforms to grow substantial businesses. And the “how to” isn’t as difficult as you think.

Many bloggers assume the only way to make money through their websites is with sidebar advertising. While using advertisers can be profitable, there are many other ways to generate an income while maintaining your authenticity.

Join Tabitha Philen as pulls back the curtain on her blog at MeetPenny.com, sharing specific ways you can make money blogging. You will also learn the key to generating a stable income and how to identify the best monetization strategy for your audience.

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How to Write and Publish a Book

Please join Cecelia Schmidt, homeschool senior and published author of three books, as she discusses the process for writing and publishing. She will explore the critical topics of character and plot development, proper syntax and diction, along with the editing and publishing processes. She hopes to encourage aspiring authors to develop their writing skills and use them for God’s glory.

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Micro Business for Teens: Starting a Micro Business

Encouragement for teenagers to start and run their own micro business. They will learn a lot while earning some money. A micro business can be started quickly and easily with no debt from home. Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has counseled dozens of teenagers starting a business and will discuss business plans, ideas. Teenagers and their parents are encouraged to attend together!

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Home Business Education 101

Building a home business is a very viable option for entrepreneurial homeschoolers to impact their world with their leadership skills and further the Kingdom of God. In this delightful session, you will learn how to encourage your students to use their talents and gifts to serve others as they work to build financial freedom.

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Early on in their business careers, the Benhams recognized that disruptive business models were the ones that transformed entire industries. In this session, they share the secrets to their success in business and outline a powerful five-step process of transformation that catapulted them into nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs. They also share how this same process can bring transformation to any facet of life.

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