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Our Homeschool Writing and Grammar Curriculum Course guide is based on real feedback and input from people just like you—homeschool parents, moms, and dads.

We have received thousands of votes from our homeschool families and have our top 5 winners for elementary, middle and high school programs.

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Top 5 Elementary Writing Curriculums

Learn about our top five elementary school homeschool writing curriculums ranked by our homeschool family community—people just like you and me— who have experienced these curriculums first hand.

This top five guide is a helpful roadmap to help you navigate the best of the best courses on the market today whether you are seeking information about homeschooling, are a new home school educator, or are a successful and experienced homeschool educator.

Top 5 Middle School Writing Curriculums

Writing curriculum programs for middle school homeschooling are not a one size fits all; and, as a home educator, it is ultimately up to you to make the best decision.

We have pooled our resources and asked our homeschool audience of teachers and students to come up with the top 5 middle school writing curriculums to help you on your journey.

Top 5 High School Writing Curriculums

Research papers, essay writing, grammar, and communication are several of the critical writing skills that are learned in high school. What is the best writing curriculum for home school high school students?

We have our top ranked 1-5 publishers and providers that will help you match up with a curriculum that will be a perfect fit for your home-based student.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is an easy, fun, flexible, and structured writing curriculum that has a lifetime guarantee.

IEW’s framework for structure and style will give your student the tools he or she needs to excel in all areas of writing starting with elementary age programs all the way through high school.

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Discipline with Love so We Don’t Break Our Child’s Spirit

Speaker: Monica Irvine I know you have felt the pain of regret when you have had a moment of failure when discipling your children. I know many of you are fighting against habits you learned from your parents that you swore you would never do. I know you want to parent with love, honor and […]

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The Titus 2 Woman – Is She Relevant for Today?

Speaker: Lisa Schmidt In the book of Titus, Paul instructs Titus about what to teach the older men of the church. He tells us that the older men are to then teach the younger men and the older women of the church. Based on what they learned from the older men, the older women are […]

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Mother & son doing a chemistry lab together

How Studying Science Reveals God’s Character and Our Purpose

Speaker: Sherri Seligson In the same way that a painter’s style and character are revealed in his paintings, we can see glimpses of God’s character in his Creation. The Bible mentions that He is light and living water. And as we study light and water, we understand his magnitude Him more clearly. Studying salt, darkness […]

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mother and daughter looking at laptop

Change: Teach Them Don’t Tell Them

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch Are you frustrated because your children won’t change or don’t seem able to change in ways you want them to? Dr. Kathy will help you understand several subtle attitudes and habits that make change difficult so you can determine which ones are relevant and how to decrease their effects. Then learn […]

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Getting Started: OH Homeschool Regulations and Notification

Speaker: Debbie Gibson If you are a new homeschooler, a relatively new homeschooler, or a prospective a homeschooler, this session will make you confident in understanding Ohio’s regulations and sending your notification. We’ll walk through the regulations and notification process step-by-step. Forms for notification will be provided to attendees. Listen Now Favorite

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The Most Powerful Words You Can Say

Speaker: Norm Wakefield Do you know what the most powerful words are that you can say to your children? God said them to all of the Hebrew fathers. Then He said them repeatedly through His Son to His disciples. These words will encourage your hearts and fill you with faith as you homeschool and disciple […]

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The Biblical Model of Friendship

Speaker: Cecelia Schmidt Do you desire to be a better friend? Are you finding it difficult to forgive someone who has hurt you? Do you struggle with trusting God when friends fail you? Is communication a challenge? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then this workshop is for you! In this […]

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Biblical Entrepreneurship

Speaker: David Nunnery In 2008, the world witnessed a significant milestone. In our ever-changing world, more people officially live in urban areas than rural areas. The 20th Century experienced a tenfold increase in the population of urban areas across the world, while the world’s mission force has stayed relatively static the past several decades. In […]

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The Way You Pray Wil Change The Way You Parent… and How You Live

Speaker: Leslie Nunnery Are you strategic in the way you pray for your children? For your husband? For yourself? Let’s look together at how God will fundamentally change the way you approach parenting, marriage, and every other area of your life through the way you pray. Then, we will all spend some time praying together […]

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Responding Biblically to Conflict

Speaker: Lisa Schmidt Marital conflict began with Adam and Eve in the Garden. Neither of them was willing to take responsibility for their own personal sin and instead blamed someone else for it. Not surprisingly, we still do the same thing today. We blame our spouse, our children, our parents, our past, our circumstances and […]

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Technology’s Influence Over Children’s Beliefs and Behaviors

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch Understand how technology is influencing children’s beliefs and behaviors (and ours). Learn how technology is the root of some of your biggest concerns (e.g., your children’s complaining, expectations, inability to know what to do after graduation). Discover the five big lies technology is causing especially young people to believe and communication […]

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Why you need to know history in a changing landscape of politics

Speaker: Marc Hays How do cultural norms change when its citizens forgot their culture’s history? When a nation’s people abandon their historical past, that nation begins to fall apart. However, not all hope is lost. By remembering history and resuming cultural norms forgotten to the past, there is always hope for a brighter future. Come […]

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Raising our Boys to be True Gentlemen and Being an Example for our Daughters

Speaker: Monica Irvine Imagine what it will feels like, as you watch your son, even while they are young, be an example to those around him of what a true gentleman looks like, acts like and is. His focus is on others. He notices without effort when someone near him is in need, and then […]

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What’s a Mom to Do with Sons?

Speaker: Norm Wakefield Blossoming young men can be very challenging to a mother. What’s a mom to do with her son’s seeming disrespect? How should she correct him? Does there come a time when a mom can no longer tell her son what to do? Wives have similar questions about relating to their husbands. What’s […]

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Learn How to Meet Your Children’s Needs

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch Children have five legitimate needs that drive their wants, choices, actions, and attitudes. (You have the same five needs.) When God meets their needs, children will be whole, emotionally well, content, and so much more. Learn how to parent so their needs are met in God and other healthy ways. You’ll […]

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Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew As a New Homeschool Mom

Speaker: Sherri Seligson Let’s face it. At one time or another we all feel that by homeschooling our children, they are missing out on “something.” Yet these worries come because we are living in the moment and can’t see the big picture. After all, we’re pretty sure the 7th grader down the street is up […]

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A Woman Woven on Purpose; Discovering God’s Calling on our Life

Speaker: Trudie Schar Do you ever wonder if you have purpose? Or maybe what your purpose is? Why did God put you here? And is being a homeschool mom enough? In this interactive workshop Trudie will share a process she goes through to live more intentional. Digging into how God made us, the circumstances we’ve […]

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Table Manners Essentials for the Whole Family

Speaker: Monica Irvine Let’s imagine…your children chew with their mouths closed, don’t make weird noises at the table, never announce what they don’t like at the table, sit still and respectfully while eating, show sincere gratitude each and every time they are served a meal, allow their elders to go first, never forget to ask […]

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How to Find the Library Books and Keep Your Sanity

Speaker: Melissa Romero We all deal with a lot of Chaos. Homeschooling adds clutter, having children home all day creates dishes and makes more food prep. Laundry, cleaning, and finding missing library books keeps us busy. Add all the extras, ballet, piano, 4-h, sports, drama, coops – our lives can be so full. We wonder […]

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Resiliency Rescues: Helping Children Break Bad Habits

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch Do your children repeat unhealthy choices? Are they not changing their behaviors? Their mindset matters. How can we help them believe truth and change their mindset so their behaviors change? They need to develop resiliency – the choice and ability to make changes and to try something new. Learn how to […]

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The Power of Words for Our Children: Edifying and Terrifying

Speaker: Sherri Seligson Our world is filled with words. Whether we are reading them, writing them, or instructing with them, they are our tools to build stories, create emotions, and make connections. Yet we need to be aware that words have the power to build up others as well as to tear them down, especially […]

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Determining and Managing Priorities

Speaker: Jeff Reep This practical session will cover the importance of determining your priorities and then managing those priorities. We each have the same 168 hours per week. The question is how we are using this time. We’ll discuss some practical tips that could be helpful in maximizing the minutes of each day to accomplish […]

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