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Our Homeschool Writing and Grammar Curriculum Course guide is based on real feedback and input from people just like you—homeschool parents, moms, and dads.

We have received thousands of votes from our homeschool families and have our top 5 winners for elementary, middle and high school programs.

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Top 5 Elementary Writing Curriculums

Learn about our top five elementary school homeschool writing curriculums ranked by our homeschool family community—people just like you and me— who have experienced these curriculums first hand.

This top five guide is a helpful roadmap to help you navigate the best of the best courses on the market today whether you are seeking information about homeschooling, are a new home school educator, or are a successful and experienced homeschool educator.

Top 5 Middle School Writing Curriculums

Writing curriculum programs for middle school homeschooling are not a one size fits all; and, as a home educator, it is ultimately up to you to make the best decision.

We have pooled our resources and asked our homeschool audience of teachers and students to come up with the top 5 middle school writing curriculums to help you on your journey.

Top 5 High School Writing Curriculums

Research papers, essay writing, grammar, and communication are several of the critical writing skills that are learned in high school. What is the best writing curriculum for home school high school students?

We have our top ranked 1-5 publishers and providers that will help you match up with a curriculum that will be a perfect fit for your home-based student.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is an easy, fun, flexible, and structured writing curriculum that has a lifetime guarantee.

IEW’s framework for structure and style will give your student the tools he or she needs to excel in all areas of writing starting with elementary age programs all the way through high school.

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Homeschool Writing Resources

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Vitamin D in Winter

If you find that your mood is affected by the dark, cloudy days, take 5000 iu/125 mcg of Vitamin D3 daily. Also, I often recommend lightbox therapy to my clients who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Make sure it has at least 10,000 LUX power and sit or work in front of it for at […]

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Winter and Your Mental Health

Have something to look forward to that you reserve only for the winter season. Maybe it is a special event or a special project or craft you enjoy. Plan a date night or girls’ night out. Thoughtfully consider what rejuvenates and refreshes you. Baking? Crafting? Needlework? Playing games? Popcorn and a home movie? Do you […]

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Sleep and Your Health

I think it is nearly impossible to feel good when you are sleep deprived! The average adult needs 8-9 hours of sleep per night! I don’t know about you, but I have to be really intentional if I’m going to get that much sleep per night! And this isn’t the hours in bed but the […]

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Stress Effects on Your Body

This week we are going to talk about the best test to measure how stress is affecting you. My go-to test is always a saliva cortisol and DHEA-S test. Measuring your cortisol levels at 4 different times throughout the day helps you know how well your body responds to stress. Elevated cortisol levels can indicate […]

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Making Time for Your Health

My brother has been known to say, “I’ll sleep when I get to heaven. I don’t have time to sleep now!” And my reply is, “You will get to heaven much sooner if you don’t get enough sleep now!” We need sleep because it is restorative on the body, allowing body systems and organs and […]

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Reasons for Sleep Frustration

It can be so frustrating to lay in bed and not be able to sleep! Why does this happen? This is not an exhaustive list but here are 10 reasons we don’t sleep well. 1. Stress – short term or chronic. It promotes hyperactivity of the mind and body and leaves you unable to relax. […]

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Habits of Healthy Sleep

Sleep is so important but what if sleep doesn’t come easy for you? What can you do? 1. Stay off ALL screens for 1-2 hours before bed. Electronic screens emit blue light which suppresses melatonin making it harder to fall asleep. 2. Don’t sleep with your phone next to you. Electromagnetic frequencies disrupt your sleep. […]

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Stress, Cortisol, and Hormones… Oh My!

Stress, whether acute or chronic, can have serious effects on hormone levels for women. When your adrenal glands perceive stress, they will pump out extra cortisol to deal with the stress. If necessary, the adrenal glands will convert progesterone into cortisol to handle all the stress. Unfortunately, this means that your progesterone levels will drop, […]

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The Art of Teaching Writing and How To Evaluate It

One of the hardest things about teaching writing is how to grade it. Do you give students points for completing various steps of the writing proess? Do they know clearly what you expect at every step? speaker Sharon Fisher Listen Now

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How Children Learn

This seminar sifts through what we now know to be true about how God has hard-wired kids to learn. It briefly reviews the steps of cognitive development for kids from K-6th grade and gives practical strategies for supporting their development in your homeschool program. speaker Debra Bell Listen Now

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Five Flavors Of Homeschooling

Speaker: Sonya Shafer, Simply Charlotte Mason The world of homeschooling is a lot like the world of food. You know that you want to provide nutritious meals for your children’s minds, but there are so many possibilities for what that food could look like and taste like. Join Sonya for a simple overview of five […]

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Organized (Well, Almost!) Time Management for Busy Moms

Speaker: Vicki Bentley As a busy mom, do you sometimes struggle with lesson planning, keeping the house somewhat presentable, teaching, keeping up with the laundry, AND getting dinner on the table the same day you homeschool? Come hear practical tips and encouragement from a fellow homeschool mom of many. Your husband and children will thank […]

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Dual Enrollment: Navigating High School and College Simultaneously

Speaker: Stephen Buettell Navigating dual enrollment and the high school years can be a challenging task. Stephen shares what to look for and how to approach the high school years with an eye toward college and dual enrollment. Listen Now

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Reading, Writing, and Running the Vacuum…How to Manage Home and School

Speaker: Linda Hobar You’ve done your research and you’re all set to teach the three R’s: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. Good for you! But how in addition to that will you run the vacuum, put away the laundry, and mop? If you need tips for getting it all done around your home, join veteran homeschool […]

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The Perils of Parenting Gen Z

Speaker: Hal and Melanie Young What’s going on with our kids’ generation when 75% despair about the future, 42% are dealing with mental health issues, and a shocking number are struggling with sexuality and gender? Our grandparents formed The Greatest Generation, but they call our children’s The Most Fearful. Generation Z, now 10 to 25 […]

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Start Preparing Your Students for Their Financial Future NOW!

Speaker: Janet Smith This workshop will help you teach your students how to handle money God’s way versus the world’s way. You will learn how to prepare them to handle money for a lifetime! How young should you start? As soon as they know what money is. Listen Now

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How to Keep Your Child In The Faith

Speaker: Israel Wayne Studies show that 70% of churched youth abandon the Christian faith sometime before high school graduation. While there are no guarantees in parenting, there are steps parents can take that have been proven through various studies to statistically improve the chances of your child embracing and remaining in the faith. Learn what […]

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The Mystery of the Dinosaurs

Speaker: Mike Snavely This session provides a biblical alternative to the standard explanation for these creatures, and answers the basic questions everyone has on the subject – What were dinosaurs? When did they live? What really happened to them? Does the Bible talk about them?, etc. This is one of our most requested sessions. Listen […]

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Bringing Back Family Time & Biblical Family Devotions

Speaker: Glenn Ransom Want to bring your family together? Desire to help your family grow a relationship with God? Get caught up in not having enough time, struggling to understand things or cannot find what you’re looking for? This session shows you a tool to overcome these and discover the benefits of family devotions. Listen […]

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Navigating The Library With Wisdom

Speaker: Whitney Newby How do you navigate visiting the library when it can feel like a minefield? Do you just stop going? Do you pre-read every book that comes through your doors? In this session, Whitney will discuss practical ways to navigate the public library to find rich, wholesome, developmentally-appropriate reading material for children. Listen […]

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Light a Thousand Fires

Speaker: Heidi St. John Right place. Right time. Right team. We’re raising a generation of Daniels as America becomes a modern Babylon. The Lord has set us apart for such a time as this and He has a purpose for each of us and each of our children. Heidi St John lays out the rules […]

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Practical Apologetics

Speaker: Chuck Black The description of the Enemy in our modern world seems overwhelming at times, especially for young people. Is there scientific evidence for God? Does faith deny logic and reason? Chuck tackles these challenging questions and offer solid answers through practical apologetics. Equip your youth using the synergy between scripture, science technology, logic […]

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Create a foreign language immersion homeschool

Speaker: Adelaide Olguin Want a foreign language to be a part of your homeschool? But your family is either stuck learning vocab words instead of immersing yourself in the language by talking in it together or the whole idea of learning a foreign language is super overwhelming? I grew up monolingual and learned to conjugate […]

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Putting ADHD into Focus

Speaker: Danni Gugel ADHD can be exhausting for the child and the parent, especially when that parent is also the teacher! Join us to learn everything you need to know about ADHD. We’ll cover symptoms, diagnosis, and research-based options for treatments that work! Participants will: ~Learn methods for diagnosing ADHD ~Learn types and common symptoms […]

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