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Your guide to the best homeschool writing curriculums and learning ideas.

Top 5 Homeschool Writing Curriculums - Voted by YOU!

Our Homeschool Writing and Grammar Curriculum Course guide is based on real feedback and input from people just like you—homeschool parents, moms, and dads.

We have received thousands of votes from our homeschool families and have our top 5 winners for elementary, middle and high school programs.

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Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Family Favorites Guide

Top 5 Elementary Writing Curriculums

Learn about our top five elementary school homeschool writing curriculums ranked by our homeschool family community—people just like you and me— who have experienced these curriculums first hand.

This top five guide is a helpful roadmap to help you navigate the best of the best courses on the market today whether you are seeking information about homeschooling, are a new home school educator, or are a successful and experienced homeschool educator.

Top 5 Middle School Writing Curriculums

Writing curriculum programs for middle school homeschooling are not a one size fits all; and, as a home educator, it is ultimately up to you to make the best decision.

We have pooled our resources and asked our homeschool audience of teachers and students to come up with the top 5 middle school writing curriculums to help you on your journey.

Top 5 High School Writing Curriculums

Research papers, essay writing, grammar, and communication are several of the critical writing skills that are learned in high school. What is the best writing curriculum for home school high school students?

We have our top ranked 1-5 publishers and providers that will help you match up with a curriculum that will be a perfect fit for your home-based student.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is an easy, fun, flexible, and structured writing curriculum that has a lifetime guarantee.

IEW’s framework for structure and style will give your student the tools he or she needs to excel in all areas of writing starting with elementary age programs all the way through high school.

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Homeschool Writing Resources

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Go For The Heart– January 2023 Audio


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Technology’s Influence Over Beliefs and Behaviors

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch Understanding how technology influences children’ beliefs and behaviors will change your approach to both technology and their foolishness and disobedience. It’s the root of some of your biggest concerns (e.g., complaining, pride, anger, depression, poor decision making). Learn communication patterns that matter and practical things to do to help children mature […]

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Evening of Real Refreshment — Mom’s Night

Speaker: Rachael Carman This evening is for MOMS ONLY! Dads will need to plan to get the children in bed, so mom can enjoy a night of fellowship and encouragement! (You will be REALLY glad you did!!) Listen Now

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Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview

Speaker: Israel Wayne Are your children prepared to face the “Real World”? Learn how to equip your children to stand against the flood of secularism that threatens to drown them. What is your worldview? How are you going to transfer it to your children? Will you be more effective than the media and popular culture? […]

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8 Great Smarts: All Children Are Smart – Help Them Believe It!

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch All children need to know they’re smart. Being smart empowers them to believe in their todays and tomorrows, to expect some learning to be easy, and to study when something isn’t. Being smart gives them hope. There are 8 distinct and proven ways of being smart (word, logic, picture, music, body, […]

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Learning with Living Books

Speaker: Sonya Shafer Good living books feed our children a feast of ideas, not just dry facts. Join Sonya for a look at this simple, yet effective, approach to true education. Learn what makes living books “living,” and practice using them in a way that makes learning stick. Listen Now

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Every Dad a Homeschooling Dad!

Speaker: Todd Wilson You may not crack open a book, work through a curriculum, or call it school, but it’s your job to train your children. Join me as we look at the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of training our children. Now don’t worry, I won’t make you feel guilty or give you a forty-six […]

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College Prep 101: How to Use Your Time So You Can Have a Life in College

Speaker: Mark Pruitt Time Management is THE BIGGEST challenge for every student. Learn ways to get more done in less time so you can have a blast in college. Listen Now

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Our Kids, God’s Plan, and a Plague of Locusts

Speaker: Marty Machowski Home school parents know the importance of academics in home school and look to give their children the best education to prepare them for life. But too often the Bible and learning about God get second place. No universities are looking to see how many years of Bible training a student received. […]

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Bible Study Should Ignite a Child’s Imagination

Speaker: Stuart Peck What can we as parents do to help our children see the stories of the Bible come alive and get excited about God’s word? Stuart Peck demonstrates a variety of ways that parents can incorporate engaging videos, podcasts, and unique workbooks about the Bible into their homeschooling, and encourages parents to recognize […]

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Interpreting Our Nation’s National Parks

Speaker: Patrick Nurre Our national parks are a great place to study history, but also science! This seminar focuses on three of our most famous national parks from a young-earth perspective – Yellowstone, Yosemite and Petrified Forest – and helps you see a new way of understanding their amazing features, from a Biblical perspective. Listen […]

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Modern History—That Everyone Ought to Know!

Speaker: Linda Lacour Hobar Want to better understand the headlines? Then you need “Modern History that Everyone Ought to Know!” Join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, as she recounts world-shaking events from the 20th and 21st centuries from a biblical worldview. With vivid snapshots of the Cold War, the War in […]

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10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect & Meltdowns

Speaker: Kirk Martin Nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing than a child being defiant or melting down in public. Have a little one who looks right through you and says, “No!”? Have a teenager who defies you or rolls his eyes? Have a child who refuses to go places? Kirk will show you how to […]

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How to Help Kids and Teens Study the Bible and Grow in Faith

Speaker: Kim Sorgius Whether you have toddlers or teens, we all have a desire to see our kids walk with the Lord and grow in faith. In this session, we will explore fun and simple ways to teach your kids to have regular devotional study, a meaningful prayer life, and engaging family discussions. Listen Now

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Perspective is Everything

Speaker: Rachael Carman As you consider how to go forward in your homeschooling journey, where are you standing? Are you on the field or in the stands or in the blimp? It matters. What is obstructing your view? Who’s on your team? Where is the finish line? How can you best proceed? Why are you […]

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The Art of Story Telling: Developing Discernment in an Age of Dystopian Disorder

Speaker: Dr. Mark Hamby The themes of love, compassion, courage, and friendship that dystopian heroes promise as the new rule of order sound good in a story but they do not work in the real world. Love without absolute truth leads to hypocrisy and eventually, oppression. Some may argue that dystopian stories demonstrate sacrificial love […]

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20 Things to Pray for Your Children

Speaker: Wendy Shaw Prayer to our spiritual life is like breathing is to living. Here is a starting list you can adapt and cultivate to your own family when praying for your children! I share ideas on how to have a disciplined prayer life and creative ways to implement these practices. I’ll also share how […]

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A Biblical Model for Discipline

Speaker: Ginger Hubbard Do you find yourself threatening, repeating your instructions, or raising your voice in an attempt to get your children to obey? Do you feel guilty because you know you should be faithfully training and instructing your children in righteousness but you aren’t sure how? Through personal experience and practical application of Scripture, […]

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Finding and Keeping Your Joy in Parenting

Speaker: Scott LaPierre Have you noticed that even though the Bible says children are blessings they can make life harder and feel like a burden? Want to be encouraged about your children and enjoy parenting more? Come listen to author and father of nine, Scott LaPierre, as he helps brings more joy to your parenting […]

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Passing on the Torch

Speaker: Mike Snavely The goal of Christianity is not only salvation, but growth and discipleship. It falls to the Christians of every generation to mature in the faith, and figure out the best way to faithfully and successfully pass that “torch” to the next generation. Each generation and culture must understand the importance and pertinence […]

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Weary of the Waiting? Dealing with Disappointment in a God-Honoring Way

Speaker: Cecelia Schmidt Waiting can be hard, and we can become weary and disappointed when our desires are not met. If God is all-powerful and loving, then why do we doubt Him when He doesn’t grant our requests? In this session, we will study God‘s Word to learn how to find joy in the waiting […]

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A 4-Step Guide for Homeschooling High School

Speaker: Matthew Bullington Want to know what your teen should be focusing on to prepare for college and a career? In this session we will break high-school down into four crucial phases that build on each other, and give you the tools to determine what should be the priority for this next year, how to […]

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What’s Your Homeschool Personality?

Speaker: Todd Wilson Frustrated by the fact that what works for your homeschooling friends doesn’t seem to work for you or what works for one of your children doesn’t work for all your children? For the first time ever discover the FOUR homeschool Personality Types. You’ll discover if you’re a Falcon, Owl, Swan, or Sand […]

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Discipline with Love so We Don’t Break Our Child’s Spirit

Speaker: Monica Irvine I know you have felt the pain of regret when you have had a moment of failure when discipling your children. I know many of you are fighting against habits you learned from your parents that you swore you would never do. I know you want to parent with love, honor & […]

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Vaccine Mandates for Homeschool Children

Speaker: Bradley Pierce Parents’ right to make medical decisions for their children is under attack. At Heritage Defense, we support vaccine freedom–the right of parents to make informed, voluntary immunization decisions for their children. Our attorneys have been fighting for this and other parental rights for over ten years and we want to use our […]

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Starting a Trail Life Outdoor Education Troop in Your Homeschool

Speaker: Mark Hancock Engage dads and ignite a love for learning in boys through outdoor adventure and badge-based education. Discover the Trail Life difference! Join us as we share how your church or homeschool group can help boys thrive by layering adventure based education into your homeschool curriculum. Listen Now

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Help! I’m Running on Empty!!!

Speaker: Dana Blomberg The term “”Homeschooling Mom”” means everything from preschool teacher to chemistry lab technician, from chief cook and bottle washer to Biblical Counselor and everything in between. And then there is maintaining my walk with the Lord, a healthy marriage, church involvement, piano lessons, soccer practice…how do I maintain while fulfilling several full-time […]

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Walk by the Way, Teaching Spiritual Truths through Natural Means

Speaker: Ginny Yurich Bring Deuteronomy 6:7 to life! “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” Opportunities to teach Biblical truths are all around us. Learn ten practical […]

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Out of the Box “Teenschooling”

Speaker: Rebecca Spooner Have some anxiety about high school? You aren’t alone! In this session, Rebecca talks about the teen years: how to keep your kids interested and break the narrative that finding something accredited or rigorous is the only way! You have a whole lot more options than you think you do. Yes, you […]

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