Learning the Bible Together as a Family | 210

On today’s podcast, Joie Harber, the co-founder of Creation to Revelation is here to chat with us about a 3-cycle approach to learning the Bible that she and her husband have developed. If you’re looking for a method of diving into God’s Word as a family in a way that will inspire a love and knowledge of God’s Word in all of you, you’ve come to the right place. She has a lot of great discipleship and Bible study information for you! 

Meet The Guest:

Living the dream of being a wife and homeschool mother to 5 children, Joie is Co-owner with husband Brian, of their family business Creation To Revelation. Their God-driven mission is to provide parents and Bible class teachers with resources and tools that are Biblically accurate, comprehensive, flexible, and high quality for all ages, inspiring a love and knowledge of God’s word.

Topics Covered in Today’s Episode:

• The 3-Cycle Approach to Learning God’s Word Together As A Family
• How visuals help us learn from our earliest years.
• How important it is to help our children to see the Bible as one cohesive story.

Additional or Mentioned Resources:

Creation to Revelation Website
Bible study workbooks by Bob Waldron
Creation to Revelation Podcast with Joie Harber
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