The Power Of Developing Quality Communication Skills | 185

Kris Cordell joined Leslie to talk about the relational and discipleship opportunities we get as we teach and model good communication skills for our children and how it prepares them well for the next stage of their lives.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Easy ways to engage in conversations with your children that will help them develop strong communication skills AND will strengthen your relationship at the same time.
  • Healthy Communication versus Unhealthy Communication.
  • Listening and listening well.
  • The power of reading aloud and how hearing proper grammar and excellent sentence structure will enable our children to become more effective communicators.
  • Communication helps develop critical thinking skills.
  • Teaching communication skills, listening to our children, etc., will make them more confident and secure.
  • And much more!

Additional Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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More About Today’s Guest

Kris Cordell is the owner and founder of The Write Journey, a business whose mission is “to train and empower adults and students to become authentic communicators who positively impact the world.”

As a mother of 4 grown children who have vastly different callings and occupations (college professor, successful real estate entrepreneur, professional athlete, produced and published singer/songwriter), Kris has seen firsthand the importance of making sure her children know how to communicate effectively and with confidence.

When we look around us, we see and experience the consequences of unhealthy communication. Kris is passionate about building her business with a focus on modeling and teaching quality communication, both verbally and in writing. Nearly 20 years ago, Kris began her journey of teaching not only her children, but other children in the homeschool community how to write. Since writing came naturally to Kris, she assumed writing would be easy for everyone. She quickly learned her assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Students and adults alike struggle significantly with writing. Over the next several years, as Kris taught students of all ages, she identified the essential tools to help everyone write well. In that process, she discovered the important correlation between verbal and written communication. Now Kris’s team of instructors is well trained in not only teaching writing, but also in developing quality verbal communication skills in their students.

Two core values of The Write Journey business are “Communication with Civility” and “Relational Instruction.” Quality communication must be modeled and taught in relationships, making the family unit a perfect place to grow as effective communicators. The Write Journey not only offers live virtual classes for students, but also for adults who long to become better equipped and empowered to create a learning environment, with healthy communication, at home. We invite parents to join our community and learn together with other like-minded families.

Go to The Write Journey website to learn more.

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