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Homeschoolers are becoming a hot market for Christian ministries and businesses. While homeschooling is blasting off among the general public, it is growing even faster in the Christian market. This is prompting Christian media, ministries, and colleges to actively pursue our market.

Teach Them Diligently’s discipleship message has the widest appeal to the largest segment of homeschoolers. We not only targets homeschoolers, but we have further niched our market opportunity to the Christian Homeschool Market. 

Our Sponsors and Exhibitors include some of the most recognized Christian organizations. We believe together we share significant growth opportunities as we expand our enterprises and fulfill both our missions and breathe new life into families through Christ. We hope you agree!

Why Partner with Teach Them Diligently?


Teach Them Diligently has become a trusted name and is associated with Gospel-Oriented Homeschooling. We are missional and families pay attention to companies that work with Teach Them Diligently.


Sponsorship is most impactful when there is an intersection of mission and content delivered to the families between Teach Them Diligently and sponsor.

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