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As a popular author and speaker, Heidi St. John has been speaking on marriage, family and cultural issues for over 15 years. Her passion to encourage moms and set them free to boldly become who God has created them to be will challenge encourage you. Heidi has been married to her college sweetheart since 1989, and their family now includes seven children and two grandsons! Jay and Heidi reside just outside of beautiful Vancouver, Washington, where they have homeschooled their kids all the way through high school.

Heidi is the author of seven books. Her most recent book, Bible Promises for Moms, released in March of 2019 and is the latest in the MomStrong collection. She has also recently released Prayers for the Battlefield: Staying MomStrong in the Fight for Your Family and Your Faith and Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight With All That's In You For Your Family and Your Faith, which focuses on helping mothers build a solid biblical foundation for their families. Join Heidi at MomStrong International, an online ministry where thousands of women come together for weekly Bible Studies, Scripture Writing, online and in real life fellowship.

 Heidi St. John

Workshops from Heidi St. John ( may vary by event location )

The SEVEN Most Important Things We've Learned in 25 Years of Marriage: A Workshop with Jay and Heidi St. John

"Transparent. Honest. Funny. Real." That's what people say when they hear the St. Johns speaking about the ups and downs of their union. If you've never heard Jay and Heidi speak together, now's your chance. Join them for an hour that will encourage and inspire you as they share wisdom from 19 years of homeschooling and 26 years of marriage. This workshop is rated "M"? for marriage. Bring your spouse if you can!

Mom's Night

Join Heidi St. John for an evening just for moms. In addition to some fun and a wonderful time of worship together, Heidi will be sharing her heart for moms-- and we'll be hearing from those of you in the audience as well. This is an evening you will not want to miss.

Culture Shock: How to Prepare Your Kids for a Post-Christian Era (Without Scaring Them!)

Many parents are struggling to talk to their kids about the rapidly changing cultural landscape, and we often forget that God’s unchanging Word offers relevant answers to even our most challenging questions. It’s more important than ever to teach our children what God says about their worth, their sexuality and their future. God has good things planned for those who love Him! Join Heidi for an hour that will challenge and encourage you as she speaks directly to the issues of the day and reminds you of your role in the midst of it all: to teach your children to walk in the Truth.

Off the Bench: Overcoming Fear and Finding Your Voice

Fear. It’s a driving force in the culture today—and yet—God’s Word teaches us that fear is a spirit. “God did not give us a spirit of fear,” so why are we so afraid? For most of her life, Heidi St. John struggled with fear and anxiety on a daily basis. In this hour-long session, she’ll share her story of finding her God-given voice and explain how our weaknesses can be used for God’s glory. From fears about homeschooling to fears about the culture, God says, “I am on the throne! Do not fear!”

Let’s Talk! A Q&A with Heidi St. John

Got questions? Here’s your chance to ask Heidi St. John, veteran homeschool mom and mother of seven (including four graduates!) anything you want! Questions will be submitted during the first 10 minutes and answered during the following 40 minutes.

Strong Roots - Strong Faith

Our family is only as strong as our marriage. And our marriage is only as strong as our faith. Every aspect of modern life conspires to destroy faith, tear apart marriages and scatter families. But it all begins with faith. Faith is more than reading the latest Christian bestseller. It's more than attending the fastest growing church in town. It's a simple, ancient practice born out of simple truths and eternal wisdom. Heidi St John will help you put down the deep faith roots and build the strong faith foundations needed to anchor your family in this rapidly changing world. With refreshingly honest insights and a rich sense of humor, Heidi will point you back to Jesus, the One and Only as you laugh and cry together. As Heidi draws you back toward the "things of first importance" you'll find your faith taking root once more as you dig in and anchor the marriage, family and children that you cherish.

Strong Roots - Strong Families

Arguably the most profound change in America in the past 50 years has been the deconstruction of the family unit. The foundational building block of 4000 years of world culture and 250 years of American society has been undermined, under appreciated and under attack since the 1960's. Learn how to put down the kind of strong roots that will help you become an "intentional arborist" as you nurture the strong family that you desire-and that your children need. Learn how you can nurture nurture what's important and learn to ignore the flurry of cultural foolishness that we all-too-often mistake for what's really important.

Strong Roots - Strong Marriage

Once regarded as the unshakable foundation of family life and values throughout western culture, marriage is under attack like never before. Both spiritual attack and cultural pressures are causing more and more marriages to end in divorce. The resulting fall out among children of divorce is heartbreaking. Heidi St John brings a solid word of encouragement wrapped in humor and refreshing transparency as she points husbands and wives toward the solid eternal truths found in God's Word that can help you become an "intentional arborist," nurturing the strong marriage that your family depends on. You'll learn how to put down strong roots as you focus on the "things of first importance" found in the Bible.