Family Relationships

Your guide to healthy and Christ-centered relationships within your family!

Family Relationships

Mother and preschool daughter reading a book together

At Teach Them Diligently we believe that having strong family relationships is vital to any christian house hold. We hope that this material will help not only foster your relationships with your kids but also grow the relationships between siblings.

Disciplining Your Children

Discipling your children is one of the core values of Christian parenting.

Being able to lovingly steer your children in the right direction is vital to the growth of your children.

Rooting Your Family in Christ

Rooting your family in Christ is not just the responsibility of the church. As parents, are the primary teachers to help our children grow in faith.

It is our responsiblity to teach our children how to have a relationship with Christ. We not only need to set an example but also take the time to teach them how to have a great relationship with Christ.

Maintaining Healthy Marriages

Educating your kids at home can mean less time on homework and not having to commute back and forth to school.

Homeschool families have more free time to spend together at night and on the weekends, which helps to build and maintain a healthy marriage.

Family Relationship Resources

We Did It Again!

We Launched another New Family This Weekend. Less than six months later, we are back here again, but this time it is totally different.  Yes,

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Raising Daughters | 197

Today’s podcast is really special. Tricia Goyer is joining the podcast, and we’ll be talking all about helping our daughters prepare to meet their future

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Grandparents and Homeschooling

Having a grandparent that homeschools is an added blessing.

Grandparents can bring a lot of life experience and wisdom to the table when they homeschool grandchildren. Sometimes due to financial constraints or other factors, it is necessary for both parents to work.

Having a grandparent step in to take the role of teacher can be an amazing gift for the children and family.

Grandfather holding hands with his young grandchild

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Faith that Sticks: 5 Real-Life Ways to Disciple Your Preteen

Feeling lost in the preteen maze? Join Leslie Nunnery and Tricia Goyer for a practical workshop bursting with tools and encouragement to guide your child’s spiritual growth. Ditch the overwhelm and discover 5 key areas that lay a solid foundation for your child’s faith journey and a strengthened relationship with them. You’ll leave this workshop equipped, confident, […]

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Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit in your Child

Kids running businesses can be scary for any parent, but learning and knowing how to run a business, investing in product or education, and giving your kids the ability to to use their gift and turn it into a profitable endeavor, is a skill that will last a lifetime! Hosted by two successful serial entrepreneurs […]

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Children Can Thrive: Problem Solve so Their Needs are Met

Discover roots of learning, motivation, relationship and behavior issues so you can efficiently meet children’s needs with solutions that work. Discover why kids are struggling so you can make changes that can more likely result in permanent improvements. Would you be surprised to know that every problem can be assigned to one or more of […]

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Handcuffed to an Atheist: How to Share your Faith

Kevin was handcuffed to an atheist for 24 hours by BuzzFeed on YouTube. In this inspiring and encouraging session Kevin will describe what happened when he was handcuffed, some best practices when sharing your faith, and 4 powerful evidences for the truth of God that will help you be ready to give an answer to […]

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God’s Amazing and Mysterious Ways

Amazing Grace author and pastor John Newton penned the words to his famous hymn while preparing for a New Year’s Day service in 1773. His dear friend and neighbor William Cowper had just finished his hymn “God Moves in a Mysterious Way”. In the days that followed their lives would be deeply intwined in a […]

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Getting Things Done: A Walk Through Ephesians 5:15-16:

We want to get things done. We want our days to be productive. Deep down, we always want to get all those items on our to-do list checked off, which rarely happens. The passage in Ephesians 5:15-16 reminds us to walk wisely and make the best use of time in these evil days. As we […]

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George Orwell vs. Aldous Huxley, Which One Rightly Predicted the Future, or Neither?

Orwell (Eric Blair) and Huxley are probably the most quoted novelists of the 20th Century. Their personal experiences informed their imaginations of what the future would look like. In the past 20 years historians, political pundits, and cultural “influencers” have popularized the books of these two men, and our culture seems to have proven them […]

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Empty Nest, Full Life: Preparing to Thrive When Your Children Leave Home

Most of us can remember an older mom who something like, “Oh it goes by so fast!” … but most young moms can’t imagine what that might look like. If you’re not ready for it, the season when your children start to leave home can be lonely and painful. Heidi has been there—so whether you’re […]

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Dyslexia for A Day: A Real Life Simulation for Parents of Dyslexic Children

Has your child been diagnosed with dyslexia or do you suspect it? Do you want to learn about dyslexia? Do you want to find out how to help him/her? Is dyslexia testing a mystery to you? Join us for this simulation to get a feel for what your dyslexic child often experiences with reading, writing, […]

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Dad play your part in homeschooling by directing Bible study

Many mothers are often left carrying the burden of homeschooling their children in academics AND spiritual formation. Dads can relieve the load and co-teach by picking up the regular Bible Study that points all academics back to God.  Hear how God has chosen you and will help you in this role Speaker Benjamin Myers Listen […]

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Dad Directing Interactive Family Devotions

Learn why family discipleship is important and how to easily incorporate role-play into your family Bible time to engage your whole family dramatically! Speaker Benjamin Myers Listen Now

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Cultivating Learning Through Gratitude: Empower Your Students with the Power of Thankfulness

Explore the profound impact of gratitude on learning outcomes in this enlightening workshop. Can Thanksgiving enhance your student’s academic performance or deepen their understanding of spiritual teachings? Many educators and mentors often attribute comprehension solely to the student’s intelligence or the teaching method’s efficacy. However, recent scientific research and timeless wisdom from the Bible suggest […]

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Confessions of a Frustrated Homeschool Mom: Exchanging Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses

We love our kids–and we love teaching our children much of the time, but sometimes we face triggers in homeschooling that cause us to become frustrated, angry, raise our voices, or resort to saying and doing things we regret. Amber Lia, co-author of the best selling books, Triggers and Parenting Scripts shares some of the root causes of our […]

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Christian Ethics: Is Your Student Ready for the Culture War?

Abortion. Transgenderism. Environmentalism. Racism. Euthanasia. War and Peace. Poverty. Immigration. Sexual Ethics. Most of our students know where they are supposed to stand on these hot topics from a Christian perspective…but do they know why? Additionally, they may have the right positions, but are afraid to voice them publicly. Is it possible to speak the […]

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Choosing a College/Major/Career: It’s Better to get it Right than Fast

In light of the fact that 66% of college students change their majors more than once and on the day of graduation 40% of college graduates wish they had chosen a different major, it’s important to start early and take this decision seriously. Individuals often make decisions without much thought and with limited information. Come […]

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How Narration can Transform your Homeschool

Are you tired of worksheets and comprehension questions? Are you looking for another way to engage your children in the learning process that is active and meaningful? Come learn about Charlotte Mason’s method of narration. This practice of retelling, whether orally, written or pictorially, provides so many benefits for children of all ages. You will […]

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How am I Qualified to Homeschool?

Do you hear this all the time? Do you want some ways to answer this question? I know I did. I will share ways to answer this question positively. Come join us for some encouragement and fun in this session, and we discuss the hot topic of being qualified to homeschool our own children. Bring […]

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Homeschooling: Purpose or Performance?

We all have clear reasons that we decided to homeschool, but as we continue on this journey, the lines can become blurred. It can be so easy to get caught up in how our kids (and we) are (or aren’t) performing when it comes to homeschooling. But what if that isn’t actually what we are […]

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Homeschooling for the Long Haul

When we see the eternal picture, we are less likely to get distracted by the temporal. This workshop helps audience members define (or refine!) their purpose for homeschooling, saving them time, money, & energy. Parents will receive practical tools to help them be rooted so that they can not only survive but also sustain and […]

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Homeschooling During Difficult Times

In this session, Dr. Sandi Queen shares how, during her youngest son’s 3 1/2 year battle with cancer, and her own diagnosis two years into her son’s struggle, the Lord allowed her to continue to not only persevere through daily life in a busy household and care for her ailing son, but also write 40 books during […]

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Homeschooling Different Kids Differently

Just as every home is different, so are our children. And not every child or teen will or should be homeschooled the same way. This Workshop will lean into the various personalities, learning styles and how to homeschool every child differently – at the same time.September will not spend a lot of time on one […]

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Homeschooling Boys: What Do They Really Need

As homeschooling moms, we can find teaching our boys extra challenging because…well…they can be VERY different from us. However, God knew what He was doing when He knit them together AND when He chose to make us their moms. Find out some of the most effective tools to engage your boys in their education and […]

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Homeschool to Law School

This session will detail how all the papers my mom graded for me for 12 years helped prepare me for the rigors of law school (and how it didn’t). Specifically, this session will utilize case studies to address the issues of mental health in the home and how parents who homeschool have a great responsibility […]

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Homemaking Matters: A Good God Working Out His Purposes in the Midst of Our Ordinary Days 

We often overlook the significance of our work within our homes and can find it challenging to find purpose in what may appear to be mundane tasks that we perform day after day. There is purpose being fulfilled in our everyday lives; God is always at work behind the scenes. As we explore Titus 2:5 […]

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Homegrown Discipleship

As Christians, our mission is to make disciples of all nations. But what does that mean for our families? How can we raise our children to carry this mission forward? In this class, HomeGrown Discipleship, we will explore practical ways to make disciples in our homes. From teaching our children the Bible to modeling habits […]

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Help! I’m Homeschooling & I Have a Toddler Strapped to My Leg!

“Mom, Johnny’s drinking from the dog dish again!” Homeschooling with little ones under foot can feel a bit like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos—counter intuitive. But the fact is, the foundation of homeschool is HOME and everyone in it, even the toddler who’s currently feeding Cheerios to the goldfish. Discover how you can engage […]

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Gray Divorce: The Myths, the Issues, and a Path for Healing

This presentation defines what Gray Divorce is, the myths about the impact on the adult kids when their parents divorce, the actual impact, and coping methods that equip attendees to handle the many and complex challenges in a way that honors Biblical principles. This topic is particularly pertinent for homeschool parents.  Speaker Kent Darcy Listen […]

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Grand Canyon: The Puzzle on the Plateau

This is one of the most breathtaking and perplexing sites in the world. Standard geological explanations for its formation are wrong, and most creationists have overlooked some major pieces of the puzzle. Amazingly, what carved the canyon also explains most of the fascinating geological features in the entire area (e.g. Monument Valley, The Petrified Forest, […]

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From Homeschool to College: How to Choose Well

Charles Malik famously declared “the university is one of the greatest creations of Western civilization.” Yet in recent years Americans have lost a tremendous amount of confidence in this once great cultural institution. While the economic value of going to college remains strong, the intellectual, social, and cultural milieu of many campuses has grown toxic. […]

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