Family Relationships

Your guide to healthy and Christ-centered relationships within your family!

Family Relationships

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At Teach Them Diligently we believe that having strong family relationships is vital to any christian house hold. We hope that this material will help not only foster your relationships with your kids but also grow the relationships between siblings.

Disciplining Your Children

Discipling your children is one of the core values of Christian parenting.

Being able to lovingly steer your children in the right direction is vital to the growth of your children.

Rooting Your Family in Christ

Rooting your family in Christ is not just the responsibility of the church. As parents, are the primary teachers to help our children grow in faith.

It is our responsiblity to teach our children how to have a relationship with Christ. We not only need to set an example but also take the time to teach them how to have a great relationship with Christ.

Maintaining Healthy Marriages

Educating your kids at home can mean less time on homework and not having to commute back and forth to school.

Homeschool families have more free time to spend together at night and on the weekends, which helps to build and maintain a healthy marriage.

Family Relationship Resources

Grandparents and Homeschooling

Having a grandparent that homeschools is an added blessing.

Grandparents can bring a lot of life experience and wisdom to the table when they homeschool grandchildren. Sometimes due to financial constraints or other factors, it is necessary for both parents to work.

Having a grandparent step in to take the role of teacher can be an amazing gift for the children and family.

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