Financial Stewardship

Your guide to managing your money and teaching your children to manage their money in a way that honors God!

Teaching Your Kids about Money

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Teaching kids about money can start with dropping a quarter in the offering plate.

The ting of the quarter is the sound of a lesson in stewardship.

This is a simple lesson we can teach our kids about tithing. When they get a little older, start them on an allowance for choirs.

Financial Stewardship in the Bible

There are many examples of financial stewardship in the Bible.

The “Parable of the Talents” in Matthew 25: 14-30 is a popular story where the master goes on a trip and leaves each of his three servants with a number of talents (a form of currency).

The two servants that invested their talents were rewarded upon the master’s return. The third servant that hid his talents out of fear of losing the money was punished.

The lesson in this parable is that we should take a risk in the name of Jesus or leap of faith when it comes to financial stewardship.

Personal Finance for Teens

Personal finance is one of the most important life skills that you can teach a teen to prepare him or her for life after high school.

There are several home school curriculums that focus on personal finance for teenagers.

Financial Giving

As Christians we are called to give of our time and money. Financial giving or tithing is a way of showing God that we have Him as our first priority.

We trust that God will provide and we will not have to do without.

Financial Stewardship Resources

College For Free?

With the cost of college rising faster and student loan debt reaching astronomical proportions, many students are looking for alternative ways to earn their college

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Preparing for & Managing Student Loans

For high school students, it’s almost time to start thinking about student loans!

Here are some tips to tackling student loans:

1. Create a monthly budget

2. Find a part time job to start paying down more student debt.

3. Purchase secondhand items. You would be surprised at the wealth of goodies you can find at a garage sale, estate sale, or neighborhood classified pages.

4. Ask for help. Reach out to a trusted Christian financial guidance counselor.

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