Rubric for Growth | 198

Is it possible to gauge how our children are growing in their faith? Could there possibly be a “rubric” that we could look to to encourage us as parents and to give us ways to encourage our children in their own walk with God as well? Today, David and Leslie are going to follow up on something that was mentioned in passing in last week’s episode about the Great Commission Beginning At Home, and that’s the idea of a “rubric” for spiritual growth in our children—or a few new biblical benchmarks that we can look at to see how our children are growing.  

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  • We talk about discipleship all the time, but how can we tell if it’s working?  
  • How your goals impact your choices. 
  • Is parenting truly just a game of chance?
  • The story behind the relationship between Paul and Timothy.
  • Some different things we see in scripture that we can be looking for in our children that can serve as a way to gauge their spiritual growth.  


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