Sacred Habits for Homeschool Harmony: Building Joyful Routines for Moms | 270

Creating habits and routines goes a long way towards building homeschool harmony, and on today’s episode, Jennifer Pepito joined Leslie to talk all about that. Jennifer discusses the importance of habits in homeschooling and how they can positively impact families. She emphasizes the need for a vision and shares practical tips for building habits.

Jennifer also highlights the value of reading biographies and choosing joy in the homeschooling journey, and she announces her upcoming book, ‘Habits for a Sacred Home,’ and invites listeners to connect with her through her website and at the Teach Them Diligently Branson event.

Meet the Guest:

Jennifer Pepito is the host of the Restoration Home podcast, author of Mothering by the Book and the founder of The Peaceful Press. Jennifer is on a mission to help moms overcome fear and live with wonder and purpose, and her homeschool curriculum empowers this through heroic stories, heartwarming poetry, and engaging life skills development. Her resources help create joyful memories among families, which leads to deeper connections and lasting relationships. Jennifer’s writing has been featured in several online and print journals, including Wild and Free, Commonplace Quarterly, and Home Educating Family. She hosted the Wild and Free podcast for seven years and has made guest appearances on other popular podcasts such as 1000 Hours Outside, At Home with Sally, and Read Aloud Revival. Jennifer lives in the mountains with her beloved family, where she enjoys reading aloud, working in her garden, and watching the sunset. 


  • Habits play a crucial role in homeschooling and can have a positive impact on families.   
  • Having a clear vision for homeschooling helps guide the development of habits.   
  • Practical tips for building habits include starting with one or two things at a time, tracking progress, and seeking accountability.   
  • Reading biographies can provide inspiration and examples of godly character.   
  • Choosing joy and overcoming messiness are essential for creating a peaceful and purpose-driven homeschooling environment.

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