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  • How to Make Decisions Stick | 125

    This week, we’re going to be follow up on an article David wrote for our Homeschool Subjects email on Sunday night all about what we refer to as camp decisions– or those decisions you make in a mountain top environment that we sometimes get discouraged about as we try to implement or keep them once we’re back in our normal arena. We have some strategies for you no matter what mountain top experience you’re coming...

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Homeschooling offers more time for discipleship: teaching, showing, and living out what it looks like to follow Jesus.


Homeschooling resources and support for every step of your child's homeschool education: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and Special Needs.


Family life and homeschooling should be fun; here are some resources and fun ideas for your family time.


All of us here at Teach Them Diligently believe in you and your homeschooling journey, enjoy some homeschool encouragement from us!


Information, along with some teachings, about and from our homeschool conventions. We hope to see you at one of the Homeschool Conventions soon!

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