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christian healthcare ministries

Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM): The Basics

David and I have been blessed to be Christian Healthcare Ministries members for several years. Not only has it saved our family thousands of dollars, but we have enjoyed being informed about the needs of others that we can help with and pray for. Joining together with other believers to meet needs and lift up in prayer is a beautiful example of how the church was called to be… and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Please take a moment to learn how CHM could help your family– and seriously consider joining our family as Christian Healthcare Ministries members soon! (I promise you’ll be glad you did!) 


If I Could Turn Back Time (Celebrating Homeschool Dads Series)

One Teach Them Diligently dad asked, “Any advice on how to restore a broken relationship with a teenage son who you have verbally abused/ignored for 10 years of their life?” Let’s talk about that today…

alphabet letters in bright colors

Be Thankful and Learn ABC’s Activity for Children

Thanksgiving is a time to stop and give thanks to God for our many, many blessings. Of course, Thanksgiving isn’t the only time we should give thanks. We are commanded over and over again in Scripture to give thanks…in every circumstance and for all things! But I do love that we can set aside a […]

money management for homeschool kids

Giving Kids a Debit Card can be a Good Investment

Teaching Kids to Use a Debit Card, can Really Pay Off As Parents, we would never toss our car keys to our teenagers without first teaching them to drive. In fact, we begin explaining the rules of the road to our buckled bundles of joy as soon as we start shuttling them between their countless […]

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