A guide to prayer for homeschool parents and their children.

Prayer for Your Children

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Several years ago, God burdened my heart that I was not praying His Word over my children like I should, so I started putting together what would become a very helpful prayer guide for myself and my family.

And I would like to share it with you!  Click below to learn more about the “Pray for Your Children” series and downloadable.

Prayer for Your Family

As a Christian homeschool parent, saying a prayer for your children prior to starting the day’s lesson is a great way to get centered and focused on God’s word and will for the day. There are also several homeschool prayer guides to get you started.

Prayer is one of the most valuable tools that God give us. When we draw near to God through prayer for our marriage, for our family, and for our children, we strengthen our relationship with Him.


Prayer for Peace

All moms and dads yearn for a peaceful home. When you are a homeschool parent, you can sometimes lose focus.

Making sure to carve out time for prayer daily is essential to staying the course. Pray for peace, guidance, and understanding for the day’s lessons and activities.

Prayer for Strength & Peace

Homeschool isn’t always easy. Homeschool parents have bad days just like everyone else. Sometimes the kids don’t listen or maybe they are having a hard time learning a concept. It can be frustrating at times.

Prayers for strength and wisdom will help get through these rough patches and get refocused.

Prayer Resources

Prayer for Your Spouse

I’ve been working through a series of emails targeted at my own heart and my prayers for my husband.

Learn with me how we can better encourage and pray for our husbands as we walk through this series together.  Click below to start with the “Pray for Your Husband”series and downloadable.

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TTD365 Audio Resources - Prayer (Members Only!)

Have a Passionate and Powerful Prayer Life

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When Grandpa and Grandma Don’t Support Homeschooling

Got stress? The most wonderful home education journey can become stressful, agonizing, even overwhelming when Grandpa and Grandma (or other family members) oppose homeschooling. This workshop will equip you with family survival tactics, plus strategies for making Grandpa and Grandma WANT to jump on board, as well as steps for navigating the everyday interactions with grandparents who don’t share the homeschooling parents’ religious convictions.

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