Navigating Stress and Wellness as a Homeschooling Mom | 231

In today’s episode of the Homeschooling Families Podcast, Leslie Nunnery sits down with Rachel Rauch, a traditional Doctor of Naturopathy, to discuss the essential topic of stress management and wellness for homeschooling moms. Rachel specializes in helping women address the effects of stress and nervous system dysregulation, which often underlie various health concerns. As a homeschooling mom, you’ll resonate with the challenges of juggling responsibilities and caring for your family. Rachel provides invaluable insights into recognizing signs of stress, the impact on health, and actionable steps to enhance your well-being. Discover how prioritizing self-care, wise time management, and a holistic approach can empower you to thrive while homeschooling. 

Meet The Guest:

I was a home-school graduate (many years ago) and am thrilled that all my school-aged nieces and nephews are homeschooled! I am board-certified as a traditional Doctor of Naturopathy. I know the frustration and discouragement of being limited by health concerns that are the result of stress and overwhelm. I founded Eiro Wellness to help women regain their health and resilience so they can continue making a difference in the lives of those they love. You can learn more on my website, or find me on Instagram and Facebook at eirowellness.


Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Understanding the effects of stress and nervous system dysregulation 
  • The connection between stress and health issues
  • Unpacking signs and symptoms of stress and burnout 
  • Practical ways to manage stress and promote wellness
  • Customizing exercise routines for stress relief 
  • Biblical perspective on self-care and rest. 
  • Biblical examples of Jesus taking time to refresh  
  • Overcoming pride in managing all responsibilities
  • Finding balance in self-care and service to family  

Additional Resources:

To learn more about Rachel Rauch and her approach to holistic wellness, visit her website at You can also connect with her on Instagram and Facebook under the same name. 

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