Faith, Books, and Fellowship: Harnessing the Power of Homeschooling | 235

In this episode of the Homeschooling Families Podcast, Leslie Nunnery welcomes Sara Studdard, also known as the “Book Lady and Jesus.” They discuss the practical aspects of using homeschooling as a tool to nurture the hearts and minds of children while staying aligned with God’s purpose. Sara shares insights into her homeschooling journey, how it positively impacted her family’s faith and relationships, and how she transformed her love for books into a ministry that fosters fellowship and community among homeschooling mothers. Join Leslie and Sara as they delve into the beauty of combining faith, education, and meaningful connections. 

Meet The Guest:

I am a homeschool mom of three, I love Jesus with my whole heart and life. I love reading, cooking and I think motherhood and homeschooling is one of the greatest honors I could ever receive.

Topics In This Episode:

  • How the decision to homeschool led to a growth in faith, stronger family connections, and intentional communication. 
  • The importance of aligning homeschooling goals with God’s perspective of success, prioritizing character development and raising children for Him. 
  • How homeschooling creates an environment where children learn to love learning and parents can model a love for learning too, fostering a joy of discovery. 
  • How Sara’s love for books led to the nickname “Book Lady” and how it opened doors for fellowship and community among homeschooling moms. 
  • How God used Sara’s love for books transformed into a book club, where moms gather to discuss books, fellowship, and grow in their faith together. 
  • How parents and children can embrace the unique passions and interests God has given them and use them to connect with others, further His Kingdom, and find fulfillment in their God-given purpose. 

Podcast Sponsor:

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