We don’t advocate homeschooling! Are you surprised?

You might be surprised to hear me say that as a parent, your greatest mission isn’t to homeschool.

Don’t get me wrong; homeschooling is awesome. I’ve spent the last 13 years doing it, and my children benefitted greatly from my efforts. So I’m a big believer in home education.

But as Christian parents, we have a higher calling. God has given us children that we are to introduce to Jesus and to pass on our faith to as we model for them how to love God and others, and then we get to help them be prepared for His service. We are privileged to leave a legacy through each of the kiddos God blesses us with. There is no better job on that planet than that- and homeschooling is a wonderful tool for us to accomplish that mission.

It saddens me, though, to see people prioritize the tool of homeschooling over the mission of parenting and discipling those kiddos God has given, but I also know it’s easy to do.

I fell prey to that mindset several times through the years because the tasks associated with home education and the expectations we lay on ourselves concerning it can easily divert our attention from what we’re hoping to accomplish through our time with our children.

I realized long ago, though, that if I reached my children’s minds but not their hearts, I hadn’t accomplished what I set out to do when we began this journey. But, when I prioritized my main goal, which was to disciple my children and prepare them to change the world one day, all the other decisions I had to make each day became much easier.

With that shift in mindset, I saw many things change in our home. We started having a ton of fun together. We made memories. We had great conversations. We learned together, and I noticed how much my kids were enjoying learning things as they would “teach” them to daddy when he’d come home from work. The entire atmosphere of our home began to change, and it was amazing.

I coined the term “Heart Schooler” to define what I was doing, and I sincerely believe that all Christian parents are called to be Heart Schoolers as well. I also know that when families start incorporating Heart Schooling principles into their homes, they begin to see drastic changes very quickly. My heart yearns for you to experience the peace and confidence that lining up your mission with your day-to-day activities can provide.

On the podcast this week, David and I talked all about Heart Schooling, and I invite you to check it out to see what Heart Schooling really is and how it can look within your family. I think you’ll be encouraged and find a lot of hope in how God can work in your family as you see how godly parenting intersects with excellent home education.

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