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If you’re a homeschool family, you’ve found the right place! We invite you to join us each week on the Teach Them Diligently Podcast, where we’ll discuss a wide-range topics related to Biblical Parenting and Excellent Home Education to help you strengthen your family in every area of life. You have a high calling! Together, let’s explore how to fulfill that well.  You can find even more resources and experiences for Christian homeschool families like yours at TeachThemDiligently.net

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Teach Them Diligently Podcast Episodes

Parents, Your Presence Matters | 303

Today’s podcast is the third in a series this month about redeeming the season to build or strengthen relationships with your children and prepare yourselves for a wonderful homeschool year ahead. So far, we’ve talked about the opportunities that summertime gives us, noting that it’s time to start saying “yes” to

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Parenting with Purpose: The Power of Doing the Unexpected | 302

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SPOTIFY. Discover the transformative power of doing the unexpected in parenting with David and Leslie Nunnery on the Teach Them Diligently Podcast. Learn how engaging in surprising activities can strengthen your family bonds, build lasting memories, and fulfill your mission as parents.

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Discovering Something To Stand For | 301

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON APPLE PODCASTS. In this episode of the Teach Them Diligently Podcast, Leslie Nunnery chats with Jonathan Coussens, the director of the inspiring new movie “Something to Stand For.” Just in time for the 4th of July, this film brings American history to

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Preparing Your Teens and Young Adults for Godly Relationships | 300

Michael Johnson, author of ‘Date Like You Know What You’re Doing’ and president of Future Marriage University, discusses the importance of teaching young adults about dating and relationships. He shares insights on discerning God’s will, navigating heartbreak, and addressing sensitive topics with children. Michael emphasizes the value of open communication,

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Why Homeschooling Works So Well for Discipling Your Children | 299

In this episode, David and Leslie dive into a practical discussion on why homeschooling works so effectively as a tool for discipleship-focused families. As we’ve seen time and again, homeschooling provides a unique opportunity to shape our children’s hearts and minds in alignment with biblical principles. Tune in as David

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Raising Boys to Men: Navigating the Adventure | 298

Join us in this insightful episode as Durenda Wilson shares her wisdom and experiences in raising boys to men. From understanding their unique dynamics to practical homeschooling tips, discover how to nurture your boys’ growth while embracing the adventure of parenting. She emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, using few

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Top 5 Homeschooling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | 297

In this episode of the Teach Them Diligently podcast, David and Leslie Nunnery discuss the common pitfalls that homeschooling families often encounter and how to steer clear of them. From forgetting to enjoy the journey to letting fear dictate decisions, they provide valuable insights and practical tips to help homeschoolers

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Facing Six Crippling Realities When Raising Resilient, Well-Rounded Children | 296

In this conversation, Leslie Nunnery and Patti Garibay discuss six crippling realities that parents must face in today’s world. These realities include increased exposure and decreased experience, increased stimulation and decreased critical thinking, increased connections and decreased community, increased opportunity and decreased risk-taking, increased anxiety and decreased activity, and increased

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Unrealistic Expectations in Your Homeschool | 293

Welcome to the Teach Them Diligently podcast for a candid discussion about the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations in homeschooling. In this episode, we explore the common misconceptions that can lead to frustration and stress for parents and students alike. Discover practical insights and empowering strategies to break free from the

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5 Strategies for Increased Productivity | 292

Want to boost your productivity and find more peace in your daily life? Join us this week as David and Leslie discuss 5 practical strategies to help you achieve just that! Whether you’re gearing up for summer or preparing for the school year ahead, now’s the perfect time to implement

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Navigating Homeschooling Challenges | 290

Join Leslie Nunnery and special guest Brenda Scott from the Gentle Learning Company as they delve into the sometimes challenging world of homeschooling. From dealing with reluctant learners to managing disruptive behavior, Brenda shares her valuable insights and practical strategies gleaned from her extensive experience homeschooling her five children. Discover

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Ordering Your Life Like Your Mission is Greater | 289

Discover practical strategies for aligning your homeschooling practices with your greater mission in this insightful episode of the Teach Them Diligently Podcast. Join host Leslie Nunnery as she shares valuable insights into defining the basics, deschooling for transformation, and celebrating progress over setbacks. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just

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Becoming Homeschoolers | 288

Discover the profound impact of homeschooling on family life, spiritual development, and academic achievement. Monica Swanson and Leslie Nunnery share personal insights and practical advice from Monica’s latest book, “Becoming Homeschoolers,” offering valuable guidance for both new and prospective homeschooling families.  The conversation covers practical tips for homeschooling, the value

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Creating a Strong Band of Brothers with Men’s Alliance | 282

Welcome back to the Teach Them Diligently podcast! Today’s episode is a special one focused on fatherhood and raising boys. We have a dynamic conversation in store for you, featuring David Nunnery and David Mills of Men’s Alliance, an organization dedicated to transforming men’s lives and, in turn, their homes,

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The Importance of STEM Education in Homeschool | 281

Welcome to the Teach Them Diligently podcast. Today, we have a special guest, Robert Walsh, joining us. Robert is the founder of the Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy®, bringing a wealth of experience as a former mathematics teacher, IT director, programmer, and business owner. With his diverse background, Robert sheds light

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Roots and Resilience: Navigating Homeschooling in Changing Seasons | 279

In this episode, Leslie Nunnery interviews Lyndsay Mimnagh from Treehouse Schoolhouse. Lyndsey shares her journey of homeschooling her four children while building a business and going through a major transition in her family life. She emphasizes the importance of discipleship in everyday life and encourages families to be adaptable and flexible

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Perseverance in Parenting | 278

Welcome to the Teach Them Diligently podcast! In today’s episode, Leslie is here to encourage you, especially as we navigate through the challenges of homeschooling and parenting. Leslie will delve into the different stages of parenting and how, at times, we can feel weary and drained. But fear not! This

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Navigating Christian Book Month and Public Libraries | 277

We are so excited for today’s episode of the TTD podcast. We have a special guest joining us to explore a thought-provoking topic: Christian Book Month and reclaiming our public libraries. Have you ever wondered how our public library system reached its current state? More importantly, what can Christians do

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From Reluctance to Revival: The Teach Them Diligently Story | 276

Welcome to the Teach Them Diligently podcast. Today’s episode is different from most of our usual episodes. Today is a personal story shared by Leslie Nunnery as she recounts how her family transitioned to homeschooling and eventually started Teach Them Diligently. She shares the challenges they faced, the lessons they

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Building Lasting Relationships: Speak Love Loud | 274

Welcome to the Teach Them Diligently Podcast. Leslie Nunnery is joined by Lori Wildenberg, a licensed parent and family educator, to talk all about the importance of intentional parenting. Leslie and Lori will discuss the three messages that children need to hear: that they are loved and lovable, that they

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Gauging Success in Homeschooling | 271

In this conversation, David and Leslie Nunnery discuss the seven marks of a Heart School family and how to gauge success in homeschooling. The chapters cover topics such as recognizing your call, aligning your thinking with your call, revising or refining your vision with your calling, focusing on the relationships

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7 Marks of a Heart Schooling Family | 269

In this episode, Leslie and David discuss the 7 Marks of a Heart School family and give practical ideas about how you can ensure you’re exhibiting those marks. They emphasize the importance of understanding your primary call as a parent and aligning your life and decisions with that call. They

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The Simplicity Of Our Mission | 267

In this conversation, Leslie Nunnery and David Nunnery discuss the importance of recognizing the call to bring children to Jesus and the rare focus on this mission within families. They highlight the great divide in discipleship between the church’s and parents’ views, as well as the alarming statistics of children

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More Than Dishes and Dust: The Kingdom Impact of Homemaking | 266

In today’s episode, Marci Ferrell and Leslie Nunnery challenge the misconception that “worker at home” equates solely to cleaning and chores. They delve into the spiritual significance of creating a loving, ordered, and Christ-centered environment for your family. They’ll explore the true meaning and significance of being a homemaker, drawing

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Beyond Curriculum: Raising Christian Kids in a Changing World | 265

In this episode, David and Leslie Nunnery discuss the joys and challenges of parenting adult children and the transition into a new phase of family life. They also explore the growth and challenges of homeschooling, including the rise of non-Christian homeschoolers. Leslie emphasizes the importance of being distinct as Christian

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