Staying On Mission With Many Children | Episode 192

For so many families, parents are outnumbered by kiddos, so it’s important to understand how to stay on the mission when you have many children to disciple and educate. We’ll be specifically addressing accomplishing your mission with the individual children in mind.

Today’s guest, Beverly Jacobson, understands the struggle. She’s the mom of many, with one having severe special needs. The conversation is candid and practical and will be incredibly helpful as two veteran homeschool moms of many share what they’ve learned through successes and failures over the years. 

We’re excited to have Beverly Jacobson joining us in Round Rock TX NEXT WEEK, and we invite you to join us there for a weekend of encouragement and help for your family. 


  • Parenting and homeschooling for the long haul.
  • Why knowing your mission is important for staying on it.
  • Accomplishing your mission with the individual child in mind.
  • Not living in regret
  • Understanding the chasms in your life, and praying that God will cover the chasms with his grace. 
  • Be Rooted in Your Homeschool: How to survive, sustain, and succeed for the long haul
  • The power of praying scripture for your children.


Beverly Jacobson is an Air Force wife and homeschooling mother of 9, the youngest of whom is a miracle girl with a life-limiting condition. Having homeschooled through military moves, miscarriages, deployments, and depression, Beverly knows what it takes to homeschool for the long haul. She runs a non-profit ministry and coaches homeschool moms in teaching biblical truth to the next generation.


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