Filtering Books Through A Biblical Worldview | 189

Finding excellent literature for our children to read is not always an easy task in today’s world. But we as parents are to be a gateway for children to protect them from ungodly ideas and content they aren’t equipped to handle. On this episode, Korrie Johnson, the Good Book Mom, joins Leslie to discuss that.


The ladies will also discuss the discernment needed in choosing books for yourself. There is such an abundance of options available to us today that believers must be able to separate truth from lies. 

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  • How to choose books for your children.
  • What to look for as you’re evaluating books.
  • The discernment needed for adults choosing their books.
  • How good books can encourage good readers.
  • The Good Book Mom books lists and resources.




Korrie Johnson is a wife and homeschooling mom of three. She started Good Book Mom with the desire to help you and the children in your life find books you both love, filtering everything through a Biblical Christian Worldview. If Korrie could be known as anything, it would be a follower of Christ.




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