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Small Groups

Grow together and make great friendships by connecting within our community groups, discussion groups, Mom's Night Hangouts, Retreats, and More. You'll find your place-- and YOUR PEOPLE-- within TTD365!

Media Library

Enjoy on-demand access to 2000+ audio and video resources through our website and mobile app. You won't encounter any issues in your homeschool that aren't covered.

Real Moms of 365

TTD365 members minister to each other based on their expertise or the message God has given them to share. We'd love to serve you and see God use you there as well.

What is TTD365?

Teach Them Diligently 365 is an online homeschool resources community designed to help you parent and homeschool your children more effectively. With your membership, you have access to:

  • More than 2,000 workshop recordings.
  • Weekly Teaching and “Real Moms” Q and A Sessions
  • Mentoring 
  • Community Groups and Discussion/Chat Groups, including Reading Groups, Menu Planning Groups, Accountability Groups, and More!
  • Monthly Meetups
  • Exclusive Retreats
  • Easy App-Based Access to Resources and Community
  • And more! 

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Why Join TTD365?

See what others are saying.

"I just have to thank you for your recent TTD 365 video on what discipleship is. There were tears flowing and I know I was meant to hear that message. Your quote about reproducing who we are resonates so much with me. I MUST focus first and foremost on my walk with Christ. Everything else will flow from there. Just want to thank you for all that you do."

"I am so thankful for all these audio sessions. I am cleaning out my pantry and feeling so inspired and refreshed by Jeannie Fulbright. Earlier, I cleaned my kitchen to Jim Hodges sharing his love for Henty's novels. I almost can't wait to get to my laundry, because I plan to listen to Deb Bell's seminar on 21st Century Homeschooling. It's not often I thoroughly enjoy deep cleaning my house :)"

"Being a part of TTD 365 has been amazing this year. I'd always be listening to a helpful session and gaining continuous encouragement, so I don't feel as if I got as weary this year because of it. It was like one year-long conference, which was amazing!”

Questions about TTD365

Yes, you can stream or download everything on the site.

Absolutely! There are no cancellation fees or long term contracts are required. Once you get a taste though, we’re confident it’ll become a regular part of your weekly routine!

They sure are! In fact, most of the workshops and keynotes from TTD events since 2013 are easily accessible and searchable within TTD365.

Definitely. TTD365 makes a GREAT gift for another homeschool mama! Send us a message, and we’ll let you know how.

Our heart is for the Kingdom and for families. We WANT you to have all of the tools and encouragement you need to do what God has called you to do well! Please use it and tell your friends!

It's our prayer that through the resources and fellowship you get all year long through TTD365, you'll find your family is strengthened as you homeschool!

30 days money back guarantee/secure checkout emblem

Sweet homeschool mama, you are not alone. 

I know how you feel drained, lonely, and excited all in the same few minutes. You pour into your little people, love your husband well, and take care of the housework, all while feeding the crowd. 

I see you wishing for a moment for yourself, yet feeling guilty for taking a break. 

I see you wishing for someone to talk to, someone who would understand and sympathize. 

I see you just wishing someone else would get your fears, hopes, dreams, and desires for your kids. 

I see you wishing someone else was concerned about raising kids during this time in history. 

I see you because I am a homeschool mom just like you. 

I saw you and created this homeschool exclusive community just for you. 

Inside TTD365, we have a community that gets you. Other homeschool moms who feel the same way as you do. Some days we’re drained, tired, and lonely, yet we’re called to serve our children and family by homeschooling. 

Friend, you no longer have to be alone. When you join TTD365 you get a place to belong. 

Inside 365 you find yourself surrounded by other homeschool moms who get you. They get your fears, concerns, and joys. Your mama heart finds a safe place to share and care — a safe place to be the real you. Yet inside 365 you do not to stay stuck there, you find yourself pointed to Jesus to grow and become the mom you are called to be. 

Inside 365 you, yes you, find friendship, support, and the courage to keep going. Plus, you’ll have access to resources and recordings on demand that are sure to answer any questions you may have or help you navigate most problems you may encounter in your homeschool. 

I pray I get a chance to get to know you as you join those of us in TTD365 who are growing together to become the moms we want our children to have. I am so excited about what God is doing right now, and I invite you to join us there.

With love 💕 and prayers,

Leslie Sig Transparent