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Welcome to the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Today we are joined by the amazing September McCarthy. In today’s episode, Leslie and September will tackle a topic that resonates with many homeschooling parents – recognizing and navigating the triggers and traps in our homeschooling journey. Do you ever find yourself homeschooling because of external expectations? Have you felt alone and stuck in the same cycles, unsure of how to break free? We all have triggers, and September is here to help us identify them, explore ways to change, and ultimately find joy in the homeschooling journey. 

Meet the Guest:

September is the wife of 34 years, mom to ten children, ages 31-12, Nonna to 12 grandchildren and has been homeschooling for 28 years. September is the author of two books, {Why} Motherhood Matters and Homeschooling Well, to release with Moody Publishers in July. She owns and directs a Hybrid Homeschooling Center in Upstate, NY. She founded and owns September & Co., the on-line and vendor based Discipleship & Educational Resource Shop for families. September lives a busy multi-generational life, homeschooling with a passion or sharing a strong vision for families of the powerful potential they have while embracing the gospel in their homes, lives, and in their calling. 

Topics In This Episode:

  • Triggers and Traps in Homeschooling:
    • Comparison trap: The impact of comparing homeschoolers to public schoolers.
    • The need to constantly prove oneself leading to overcompensation.
    • Pressure of always being needed as a homeschool mom.
  • Identifying Triggers:
    • Emotional responses to certain situations.
    • Recognizing cringe, sadness, or discomfort as indicators.
  • Navigating Traps:
    • Importance of going back to the homeschooling mission.
    • Creating lifelong independent learners to reduce dependency.
    • Communication with spouses—finding solutions together.
  • Practical Tips for Moms:
    • Setting up personal space and time for self-care.
    • Seeking help from co-ops and community.
    • Recognizing and addressing thought patterns.
    • Rewiring thinking to avoid falling into negative traps.
  • Encouraging Stories:
    • Examples of homeschool moms successfully navigating triggers.
    • Emphasis on the importance of resetting and reevaluating homeschooling methods.

Additional Resources:

  • Find out more about resources from September & Co. HERE
  • Find your episode of {Why} Motherhood Matters HERE

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