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On todays podcast, we are thrilled to welcome back Jennifer Pepito of The Peaceful Press.  The last time she was with us, Leslie and Jennifer talked about Creating A Living Education, and we encourage you to check out that podcast as well if you haven’t heard it yet. On today’s episode, Jennifer and Leslie will be talking about overcoming homeschool and mothering fears, why it matters, and then some specific ways to help you overcome your fears.

Meet the Guest:

Jennifer Pepito is the mother of seven children and has been homeschooling for twenty-five years. She has graduated five children from her program, with two of her students earning honors degrees from their preferred university and one pursuing a J.D. When she discovered that her second daughter had learning disabilities, Jennifer became an avid student of child development, learning from innovators and researchers such as Carol Stock Kranowitz, Gordon Neufield, John Taylor Gatto, Jane Healy, Maria Montessori, Kim John Payne, and Charlotte Mason. The Peaceful Press resources were born out of these years of research, and Jennifer has a passion to equip families to homeschool in a way that is developmentally appropriate, spiritually nourishing, and based on proven methods of education. She doesn’t want you to just homeschool. She wants to help you enjoy the journey of homeschooling and connect with your children in ways that build lasting memories and relationships. Her book, Mothering by the Book can help you overcome the fears that steal that joy so you can savor motherhood.

Jennifer is a Simplicity Parenting Coach, and a Certified Life Coach. She continually researches education and child development to ensure that Peaceful Press families are getting the best resources based on current research about learning while continuing to integrate time honored educational philosophy put forward by Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori.

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Today’s podcast is sponsored by AOP.  Homeschooling empowers parents to give their children an individualized education like no other educational setup can provide. With AOP, you can teach your children in the way they learn best while keeping homeschooling fun and full of excitement as you discover new things each day. Choose from multiple curriculum options to fit your child’s strengths, learning style, and needs. 

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