How Dads Can Be Involved in Homeschooling: Leading with Love and Vision | 245

In this episode of the Homeschooling Families podcast, Leslie Nunnery and David Nunnery delve into a topic that’s often overlooked: the role of husbands in homeschooling. Many husbands are eager to support their wives in homeschooling but might not know how to contribute effectively. Leslie and David share valuable insights on how husbands can make a significant impact on the homeschooling journey by leading with love and vision. They discuss the importance of setting a family mission, asking thoughtful questions, and showing love and care for your spouse. Join them in this conversation that highlights how a united family can thrive in homeschooling.

Show Notes:

    • The challenge of husbands wanting to help in homeschooling
    • The positive intention behind husbands’ desire to help
    • Prioritizing the mission over education in homeschooling
    • The mission for Christian parents: Bringing children to Jesus Christ
    • The husband’s role in keeping the family on the mission
    • The importance of aligning on a vision for the family
    • The impact of husbands asking thoughtful questions
    • Demonstrating love and care for your spouse
    • The value of self-care and time for your wife
    • Leading from the front, not as a cowboy but as a shepherd
    • The benefits of aligning priorities and discussions
    • Building strong relationships with your children 
    • The impact of trust in leadership
    • Conclusion and encouragement for husbands and wives

With the influx of families who have started homeschooling recently, it’s more important than ever that as a Christian homeschooling family, you understand and really capitalize on what makes you unique and set apart. That’s why we are truly convinced that every Christian homeschooling family needs to look at what they do as heart schooling and not merely homeschooling.  So, with that in mind, we have an invaluable resource that can truly transform your homeschooling journey. It’s a book Leslie Nunnery wrote simply called Heart School, and it’s available HERE. This book will revolutionize the way you approach homeschooling by focusing on the heart and the mission behind it.

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