Building a Strong Christian Foundation in Homeschooling | 215

Today we are joined by Israel Wayne of Family Renewal Ministries. There are a lot of conversations happening these days about education in general. As believers, we should always see the educational choices we make for our children in light of the mission God has called our family to. On today’s podcast, we are going to look at the goal of education and why a Christian approach to education is so important as you raise your children.



Meet The Guest:

Israel Wayne is a homeschool graduate and father of eleven who is passionate about defending the Christian faith and developing a Biblical worldview. He is the Director of Family Renewal and author of the books Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask and Education: Does God Have an Opinion, among others. He has also written a Bible doctrine curriculum titled Foundations in Faith. 

Topics in this Episode:

  • The ultimate goal of education
  • How religion and education cannot be separated
  • Difference between Christian curriculum and Biblical worldview curriculum
  • Importance for parents to develop a Biblical worldview for themselves and their children

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