Making Family Discipleship Fun | 206

Most of you listening in share the belief that the discipleship of our children is a really important part of our job description. For many, though, how that looks practically seems like a mystery. Today’s podcast will go a long way towards shattering that mystery as Leslie talks to Katie J. Trent all about some really practical ways to make family discipleship fun—and the best part is that we’ll talk about how you can do that through many of your favorite activities, whatever they may be.  

Meet The Guest:

Katie J Trent puts the FUN back into the FUNdamentals of Family Discipleship! She’s the bestselling author of “Dishing Up Devotions: 36 Faith-Building Activities for Homeschooling Families” and “Recipes for a Sweet Child: Creative, Bible-based Activities to Help Your Family Thrive.” She’s also the founder of Family Faith-Building Academy, an 8-week digital family discipleship course for Christian parents, as well as a popular blogger and speaker who infuses faith and fun to build strong families. Find out more resources on Katie’s website, pre-order “Recipes for a Sweet Child”, or join Faith Building Academy.

Podcast Sponsor:

The Voice of the Martyrs is a nonprofit missions organization that serves persecuted Christians in the world’s most difficult and dangerous places to follow Christ. In partnership with Teach Them Diligently, VOM is offering listeners a free Global Prayer Guide! This full-color prayer guide, with summaries of the restricted nations and hostile areas where VOM works, will help you pray more specifically for persecuted Christians. Visit to request your FREE copy of VOM’s Global Prayer Guide today! 

Topics In This Episode:

  • Taste and See—how you can use our geography resource to engage your family in praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world.
  • The importance of discipleship within our families at every stage of life.
  • How to engage your children in discipleship activities.
  • How every day activities can not only strengthen relationships, but can also give wonderful opportunities for conversations.
  • How God can use the things you love to give you great discipleship opportunities every single day. 

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