Building a Home Library and Nurturing Faith Through Reading | 239

On this weeks Friday Family Forum, Leslie Nunnery welcomes special guest Anna Symonds, a devoted homeschooling mom with a passion for literature, culture, and faith. Leslie and Anna will delve into the world of enriching books and how they can shape your homeschooling journey. Anna shares her insights on building a home library, recommending Christian biographies, discussing important topics like marriage and gender, and fostering family discipleship through reading aloud. We hope you will be encouraged to discover the power of reading as a tool for nurturing faith and strong family bonds. 

Meet The Author:

I am Anna, 31 years old, born and raised in Germany about 45 minutes north of Frankfurt. A lover of history, other countries and cultures, and hot chocolate with whipped cream. My little family is my most precious treasure and I consider it a great privilege to be able to homeschool and be home with our 2 children. My husband is a history teacher at a Christian academy as well as a worship pastor. We reside in Florida. 

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Filling Your Shelves: Building a Home Library for Homeschooling
  • Exploring Faith: Christian Picture Books and Biographies
  • Creating Meaningful Moments: Reading Aloud in Your Homeschool
  • Anna’s Personal Insights and Encouragement

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