In Prayer, We Hold On to God's Hand

Prayers for Homeschool

I never knew I would be praying about math, grammar, and writing as an adult.  I thought those years were behind me when I turned in my last paper for college. Homeschooling was not a topic I had on my mind and definitely something that I never really imagined I would care about.

It’s amazing how God takes our lives and shapes them, isn’t it?


It’s a word that brings many thoughts to every person who hears or reads it. Those thoughts can range from thoughts of joy to thoughts of sorrow.

Whatever your thoughts, I’m sure you, as a Homeschool parent have found that your thoughts are better kept in line with God’s word when they are covered in prayer.


As a Wife to an amazing man who works hard so I can be home to teach our children, I pray for him and I pray for me. I pray that all that I do will be pleasing to the Lord and will show a heart of gratitude to my husband.

I pray over math. I pray over grammar. I even pray over each and every moment of the day.

When I don’t, I fall apart.

This past summer, prayer was on my heart as I walked the halls at two of the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention.  I saw so many Moms and Dads listening to speakers and learning how to be godly parents raising their children in a godless world.  I ran into Moms who were in tears – desiring to be that Mom who looks well to the ways of her home and goes through her days teaching her children all that God desires.


It has been heavy on my heart to bend the knee and praise the Father who has given us all that we have. The good and the bad.  It’s all from Him. Don’t read that wrong – not the sin. But, the stuff He allows in our lives to grow us closer to Him, to remember that while we ‘could’ walk this road with our back to Him, it’s much better when we walk with our hand in his – like a child.

Like our children walk hand in hand with us. They hold them for a while and gradually, ever so lightly they begin to let go.  As they let go, we can pray that their hands are holding to the Father’s.


It’s key in this walk.