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Run The Race Before You With Prayer

Discipline & Prayer

I love running but for some reason I often find about a million reasons NOT to run.  It’s too cold… it’s too hot… my leg hurts… I don’t have time. Why is it that I KNOW running is good for me, and I LOVE to do it, yet I don’t so many days?  Well, it is a discipline. I have to purpose in my heart that it is a priority and that I will set aside time for it no matter what.

The same is true of our devotional and prayer lives. Do you start each morning by turning your face toward God and seeking His perfect will for your day? Do you seek Him before you even wake everyone up and get your homeschool day in full motion?

Prayer Heals

Prayer is a dialogue  where we can communicate with the Creator of the Universe. Prayer is healing as our great Father “heals the broken-hearted and binds up [our] wounds.” (Psalm 147:3) Prayer is aligning as God aligns our hearts to His, and prayer is so much more. Yet, how many days do we resist that still small voice urging us to fall before the throne of grace? How many ways do we come up with to put Jesus’ precious invitation to “come unto me all ye who labor” on our “to-do later” list?

Oh, dear sisters, may we elevate the discipline of prayer to it’s proper place in our lives. May we follow God’s directive to “pray without ceasing,” (I Thes. 5:17) for that is God’s will for us. He wants to meet us as we pray. He wants to teach us, direct us, comfort us, heal us, and so much more as we humbly kneel in prayer.

Even for Jesus, God in the flesh, we see prayer as a discipline. We are told in Luke that “he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” (5:16) Perhaps that was because Jesus knew what the Psalter said was true. Even he needed to “be still and know,” but he had to find a special place to hear his Father most clearly. He had to leave other people and obligations behind for the sake of communing with God the Father. He had to exercise that discipline.

If you took a few minutes to read this article, I imagine  you feel that tug on your heart to pray. You know that God wants to meet you on your knees. So, what’s holding you back? Which of the million excuses you can come up with to keep you from praying are you willing to give up to exercise that blessed discipline of praying?

Our Prayer

Dear Jesus, you set the example for me when you walked this earth as a man. I can see you laying aside everything that stood in the way of spending time in prayer. Thank you for that. Help me to do the same. May nothing in my life be more important to me than kneeling before your throne and listening for your still small voice. Amen.

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