A Little Taste of Heaven On Earth

Tonight’s note is written as much to myself as anyone. The Lord got my attention this evening when I got a text from a dear friend who’s visiting from California. She and her family had spent the day with us today. We went to church, had lunch together, then  spent some time playing with a bunch of teenagers and fellowshipping at my parent’s house afterwards.  At the end of our day together, she said,

“Wow! Today… was a taste of heaven on earth in so many ways. Worship, fellowship, community, family, friends, exercise, laughter. My heart is full…”

A taste of heaven on earth.

She’s right! It is!

And, I get to experience it every Sunday. It’s a break from the norm, it’s a no work day, it’s having  14 or 15 around my table after a morning spent worshipping and fellowshipping with some of my favorite people on earth. It’s an afternoon spent laughing with my children and their friends, my parents, and others who always end up connecting with us at some point.

Heaven on earth– right before my very eyes. But, I missed it somehow.

I get so wrapped up in the busy. I get overwhelmed so easily. Even on Sundays, which I love so much, I tend to think of all that I still need to get to. 

I take for granted the incredible blessings that God has given me because I’m not looking for them– I’m looking beyond them.

I don’t want to miss them again. I don’t want to lose the wonder of a day spent with those I love. I don’t want to miss the power found in being with God’s family. I don’t want to take for granted my own piece of Heaven on earth again.

What does your heaven on earth look like? Have you missed it, too? Maybe tonight would be a good time to thank God for it and gaze in wonder once again. I know I am!

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