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In this episode of the Homeschooling Families Podcast, host Leslie Nunnery speaks with Judd Saul from Equipping the Persecuted about the dire situation faced by persecuted Christians in Nigeria. Judd shares insights into the rise of radical Islam in Nigeria, its impact on Christian communities, and the challenges they face. He discusses the mission of Equipping the Persecuted, which involves providing practical assistance, security training, and raising awareness about the ongoing persecution. Listeners gain a deeper understanding of the struggles these persecuted Christians face and how families can take action to support them.

Meet The Guest:

Judd Saul is a family man, award-winning documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, and missionary who embarked on a call to action in Nigeria in 2011. He and his wife Sherry have 5 children, all witnessing the vision unfold when Grandfather Duane Wessels invited Judd to join him on a mission trip. The trip changed Judd’s life forever. He realized the stark reality, of the risk and sacrifice facing these people, and a burden was placed on his heart for the lost and persecuted Christians in Nigeria.  
Since then, ministering to Nigerians has been a part of Judd’s life, regularly serving in Nigeria for over ten years, and he continues to visit 3-4 times a year. It was apparent that escalating attacks outpaced the few Christian missions and organizations effectively responding to the attacks. Talking to local ministers and missionaries, Judd decided to start Equipping The Persecuted to respond and help persecuted Christians in need quickly. The local leadership affirmed that there are effective ways to help persecuted Christians in addition to victim aftercare. A proactive, prevention mission was put together with a team of “tested by fire” pastors, missionaries, and dedicated supporters to avert crises – creating the boots on the ground, locally managed Equipping The Persecuted. 

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Discussion about the importance of understanding and supporting persecuted Christians facing persecution for their faith 
  • An Introduction of Equipping the Persecuted’s mission in Nigeria
  • Why Judd Saul and his organization focus on Nigeria and its significance.
  • The increase in Christian persecution in Nigeria and the devastating effects on families
  • Overview of the roots of the persecution issue and Islam’s role in Nigeria
  • The strategic plan behind radical Islam’s expansion and political takeover
  • The disproportionate persecution of Christians in Nigeria and the government’s complicity
  • How listeners can become more aware, take action, and support persecuted Christians
  • Equipping the Persecuted’s practical efforts to aid persecuted Christians
  • The importance of prayer, donating, and contacting government representatives 

Additional Resources:

Equipping the Persecuted Website

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