How Do You Find That Perfect Curriculum?

“Oh, curriculum, curriculum, how shall we choose thee? How can we know that we have chosen well for our beloved children??”

When I am talking to homeschool moms, the question of curriculum comes up a lot. There are so many options available to us now, and we tend to be overwhelmed and almost paralyzed as we take a look at them all. Add terms like, “learning styles,” “Charlotte Mason,” and more to the volume of choices to wade through, and homeschool moms and dads can really get nervous about the entire process.

This summer, we hope to alleviate some of those fears and help you wade through the choppy waters of curriculum as we walk together through the results of the 2019 Homeschool Family Favorites Top 10 Curriculum Choices for each subject and level. Coming up in the days ahead, we’ll take a look at the top 10 curriculums as chosen by Teach Them Diligently families and give you a little more details about the top 3 of each one. We’ll also talk specifically about how to choose curriculums for each of those stages. Stay tuned, so you don’t miss a thing. In the meantime, I encourage you to download the 2019 Homeschool Family Favorite’s Guide and start utilizing that resource to help you decide what your homeschool will look like next year. Click here or at the bottom of this post to download now.

Still wanting more Curriculum Information? Check out these awesome posts from the TTD Blog.

  1. The Number 1 Reason a Curriculum Fails and Why You Should Change How You Select Yours by Kim Sorgius of Not Consumed gives a lot of helpful insight from a gal who has a masters degree in curriculum. (She’s a curriculum WHIZ, I tell you!) You’ll find some great tips here for choosing the perfect curriculum for your family. Not Consumed
  2. Get a Dad’s Perspective on Curriculum choice through this article from Steve Blackston of Husband of a Homeschool Mom. Steve’s articles are fantastic to help dad’s see mom’s point of view– and mom’s to see dad’s. I encourage you to check them all out by searching his name in the search bar on the blog.
  3. What to do when a curriculum isn’t working by Lana Wilson. Trust me, there will be choices you make that simply do not work for your family. We all have done that! This article will give you some great insights as to what options you have. I think you’ll find that it’s almost always better to jump ship that remain on a sinking one when it comes to curriculum.
  4. My Homeschool Doesn’t Have to Look Just Like Your Homeschool. We are all different. Our children are different. We even have different needs at different seasons. This article will walk through (and hopefully give you a sense of freedom!) several areas of homeschooling!

Be sure to download your copy of the Homeschool Family Favorites Guide today and be watching the TTDBlog in the days ahead as we walk through the curriculum choices you have!

Homeschool Family Favorite Guide Free downloadable

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