Top 10 High School Biology Curriculums- Homeschool Family Favorites

Homeschooling high school biology can be a rewarding experience for both students and parents. As a homeschooling parent, you can tailor the course to your child’s interests and learning style. Here are some tips for teaching high school biology at home.

      1. Start with the basics: Before diving into complex topics, make sure your student has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of biology. This includes topics such as cell structure and function, genetics, and evolution.

      1. Use a variety of resources: Homeschooling allows for flexibility in choosing resources. You can use textbooks, online courses, videos, and hands-on activities to supplement your teaching. Consider using a combination of resources to keep the material engaging and varied.

      1. Plan experiments: Biology is a hands-on subject, and experiments are a great way to reinforce concepts and keep your student engaged. You can find experiment ideas online or in biology textbooks. Make sure to follow safety guidelines and document your results.

      1. Take field trips: Biology is all around us, and field trips can help bring the subject to life. Consider visiting a zoo, aquarium, or nature center to learn about animals and their habitats. You can also take a hike and observe local flora and fauna.

      1. Encourage discussion: Biology is a subject that is constantly evolving. Encourage your student to ask questions and think critically about the material. Discussing current events and scientific discoveries can also help keep the subject relevant and interesting.

      1. Consider college requirements: If your student plans on attending college, make sure to research the biology requirements for their chosen program. This can help guide your curriculum choices and ensure that your student is prepared for college-level biology courses.

    Overall, homeschooling high school biology can be a fun and rewarding experience. By using a variety of resources, planning experiments, taking field trips, encouraging discussion, and considering college requirements, you can provide your student with a strong foundation in biology.

    Top Ranked Homeschool Family Favorites Biology Curriculums


    This college-prep biology course is designed to be the student’s first high school science course, and provides students with a thorough understanding of the relevance of scientific inquiry. Textbook readings are backed by hands-on experiments that take students’ book knowledge and bring it into real-world applications. After completing this course, students will be able to understand the vocabulary of biology and gain a strong understanding of the scientific method that will equip them to analyze data across other disciplines.


    Master’s Class High School Biology Set brings God’s creation of cells, ecosystems, biomes, the genetic code, and more to life for homeschool students. This science curriculum teaches Christian students to observe and recognize the interactions and interdependencies of organisms in their natural environment. In this 36-week study of biology, the use of a light microscope, dissection skills, and recent advances in modern biology are also taught.


    Follow the creation story as you delve into the world of biology. Visually rich and designed for students 15 and up and their families, this biblically oriented overview presents biology following the actual creation days. Nine segments are covered on 4 DVDs; a 114 page guidebook on CD-ROM/DVD includes quizzes for the material in each segment. Contains 20 lab hours. 4 DVDs.

    Rounding Out The Top 10 Homeschool Biology Curriculums

    Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool Biology

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