Top 10 Middle School Math Curriculums- Homeschool Family Favorites

Middle school is a crucial period for students as they transition from basic arithmetic to more advanced mathematical concepts. Teaching math to middle school students requires a unique approach that caters to their cognitive and developmental needs. Here are some tips for effectively teaching middle school math:

  1. Make Math Engaging: Math can be a dry subject for students, so teachers must make it interesting and fun. Incorporating games, puzzles, and real-world applications can help students see the relevance of math in their daily lives. Teachers can also use technology to make math more interactive and engaging.

  2. Break Down Concepts: Middle school students are at a developmental stage where they can start to think abstractly. However, they still need concrete examples to help them understand mathematical concepts. Teachers should break down complex topics into smaller, more manageable parts, and use visual aids to help students visualize the problem.

  3. Encourage Critical Thinking: Middle school students should be encouraged to think critically about mathematical problems. Teachers can provide opportunities for students to think creatively and outside the box, and challenge them to solve problems using different methods.

  4. Foster a Positive Learning Environment: It is essential to create a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. Teachers should celebrate student achievements, provide constructive feedback, and encourage peer collaboration and support.

  5. Use Assessment Tools: Assessment tools such as quizzes, tests, and assignments can help teachers gauge student understanding and identify areas where students may be struggling. Teachers should use this information to adjust their teaching methods and provide additional support to students who need it.

  6. Differentiate Instruction: Middle school classrooms are diverse, and students have varying learning needs. Teachers should differentiate their instruction by providing different activities or assignments based on the students’ abilities and interests.

In conclusion, teaching math to middle school students can be a rewarding experience if done correctly. Teachers should focus on making math engaging, breaking down concepts, encouraging critical thinking, fostering a positive learning environment, using assessment tools, and differentiating instruction. With these strategies, students can develop a solid foundation in math and be better equipped to tackle more advanced concepts in high school and beyond.


Top Ranked Homeschool Family Favorites Middle School Math Curriculums


Teaching Textbooks is a popular homeschool math curriculum that uses interactive computer-based lessons to teach students in a self-paced, step-by-step approach. The program includes video lessons, practice problems, and automatic grading, making it an ideal option for parents who want to take a hands-off approach to math education. The curriculum is designed to be engaging and uses real-life examples to help students understand math concepts.


The Master Books’ Principles of Mathematics curriculum integrates a biblical worldview with mathematics! Year 1 of a 2-year course (year 2 sold-separately), this text is designed to give students an academic and spiritual mathematical foundation through building thinking and problem-solving skills while also teaching them how a biblical worldview affects their approach to mathematical concepts. They’ll learn how math can be seen as a way of exploring and describing consistencies God created and sustains and will see how math is not a neutral subject but rather reveals the glory of God. Designed for independent learners, this curriculum is designed for students to complete on their own. Chapters


Math-U-See is a complete, skill-based, student-paced, multi-sensory mastery curriculum for grades K-12. Designed to teach students specific skills in a definite, logical sequence, this systematic and cumulative approach will help students learn how to solve math problems and discover why they’re solved in such a way.

Rounding Out The Top 10 Homeschool Middle School Math Curriculums

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