How’s It Going?

Senior year is just around the corner. Where has the time gone? Twelfth grade is the culmination of these years of hard work, discipleship, and patience. And at the end of this year, a homeschool graduate will stand before your family.

Though summer is a busy time, it’s also a great time to make a plan for the fall. Senior year will go by fast with everything you have to do, so here are a few things to touch base about before the fall term begins:

Scholarship Applications

Applying for scholarships is a part time job, but it’s worth the effort. I encourage applying for scholarships from as early as 10th grade, during the school year as time allows, but especially during the summer months. This is a great time to concentrate on the necessary contests and essays that garner scholarship dollars! Not sure where to start? Look at, ScholarshipMonkey, Scholly, and

Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are an investment of time as well, but are just as fruitful as scholarship searching. Summer work:

  • Builds a student’s resume and proves work ethic
  • Builds lasting connections and potential character references
  • Banks money for college, trade school, or a personal business
  • Looks great to colleges and future employers

In other words – summer jobs are a win all around! Whether the job is for a family business, local coffee shop, or a position related to an intended major (this would be best!), work is valuable. All work experience can teach the valuable life skills of communication, flexibility, and time management.

Letters of Recommendation

If your student is college bound – or even if he’s headed to Bible college or missions program – take this summer to get letters of recommendation lined up. If you haven’t reminded the people you’ve asked to write those letters, do so this month (or rather, have your student do so).

As usual, if you have questions, email [email protected].