Mastering Study Skills for College Success | 233

Meet The Guest:

Mark Pruitt (also known as: Captain College) is Assoc. Director of Admissions for Harding University and has been on a college campus for over twenty years. Mark developed a study strategy that helped him earn a 95% or higher in every college class! Being super successful in school does not have to be hard, so let Mark -the author and producer of the college prep curriculum Making the Grade – help you become a student of Excellence so you can master the material quickly and effectively, have a ton of fun, and enjoy the best years of your life!  

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • The Impact of effective study skills
  • Gaining competence in learning for various phases of education and life
  • Discussion on how effective study skills save time and reduce stress
  • Strategies for effective note-taking
  • Strategies for reviewing and reinforcing material for long-term retention
  • Strategies for managing time effectively during study sessions

Additional Resources:

Making The Grade book by Mark Pruitt

Find more info about Mark Pruitt at his website HERE

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