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Welcome to the Homeschooling Families Podcast. We very excited about the topic of our conversation today because things are different than they were when most parents were finishing high school, thinking about college. The opportunities available to our kids have evolved dramatically, and as homeschoolers, we should be thrilled about the tailored education that allows our children to thrive. Joining Leslie Nunnery today is Andrew Chambers, head of campus life at Excel College in Black Mountain, North Carolina, an innovative Christian college that forges a new educational path for students to become wise, mature, and productive adults who live purposeful and fulfilling lives. 

Meet the Guest:

Andrew Chambers is the Head of Campus Life at Excel College in Black Mountain, NC. Excel is an innovative Christian college forging a new educational path for students to become wise, mature, and productive adults who live purposeful, fulfilling lives. He and his wife Charity live on campus with their two boys, Evan and Jesse, and love every minute.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • Changing Landscape of Higher Education: Discussing how higher education has evolved over the years, with a focus on the challenges and opportunities it presents for homeschooling families.

  • Excel College’s Unique Approach: Exploring Excel College’s innovative approach to education and how it aligns with the principles of homeschooling.

  • The Core Program: Understanding the core program at Excel College, which involves question-based learning and in-depth exploration of various subjects, including theology, philosophy, mathematics, anthropology, sociology, and fine arts.

  • Socratic Circles: Delving into the concept of Socratic circles and how they facilitate discussion, discovery-based learning, and intellectual growth.

  • Apprenticeships and Internships: Discussing how Excel College prepares students for adulthood by providing opportunities for real-world experiences, apprenticeships, internships, and part-time work.

  • Discovering One’s Calling: Exploring the importance of helping students discover their true calling and how education can be tailored to match their unique gifts and talents.

  • Integration of Faith in Education: Highlighting the role of faith in education and how Excel College emphasizes the importance of a Christian worldview in students’ academic journey.

  • Preparing for a Life of Purpose: Discussing how Excel College equips students to transition into adulthood with a focus on building healthy marriages, families, and communities, and contributing to the marketplace.

  • Parental Involvement: Emphasizing the role of parents in their children’s educational journey and how they can collaborate with Excel College to support their kids.

  • Exciting Possibilities in Education: Exploring the dynamic and exciting possibilities in education today, particularly for homeschooling families seeking tailored, purpose-driven learning experiences.

Additional Resources:

  • Find out more about Excel College HERE
  • Find out more about Excel Camp HERE



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