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Welcome to the Homeschooling Families Podcast. Today Leslie Nunnery is joined by Kimberly Farley, the Director of Homeschool Partnerships at CLT (Classic Learning Test). Most states require some sort of testing throughout children’s homeschool journey. Today, Kimberly shares her journey as director at CLT and how testing can be a beneficial tool for homeschooling parents. This podcast will provide great insight for parents as they navigate requirements, why testing is relevant, and the goal of testing from elementary through the high school years.

Meet The Guest:

Kimberly Farley began her career as an occupational therapist but left the field of pediatric OT to invest in full time home education. She graduated her three children from homeschool, and they have all attended their first choice private colleges with significant scholarships. Kimberly was first a mom using CLT in her homeschool before she joined the company. She is now the Director of Homeschool Partnerships at CLT where she works with both homeschool organizations and partner colleges. Kimberly enjoys helping homeschool families navigate the high school years and the college process to find where their students will thrive. Kimberly remains actively involved with homeschool students by volunteering as director and coach of a speech and debate club and serving the national organization.

Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • The CLT Approach
  • Is testing relevant for homeschool students
  • Tips for students thinking of applying to college test-optional
  • The goal of standardize testing

Additional Resources:

Find out more about CLT and Kimberly HERE

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